Google Yahooing Themselves #WindowsChampion

When Yahoo was Yahoo and Google was a dream, Google proposed that Yahoo use their clearly superior search engine.  Yahoo turned them down and showed Larry Page and Sergey Brin the path to riches.  You see Yahoo wasn’t interested in a better search.  Clicking through pages to find what users were looking for was Yahoo’s revenue model.  More pages…. more advert views, so Google’s better search algorithm was bad for Yahoo’s revenue.

In retrospect, Yahoo would still matter and possibly own Google today if they could only have peered into the future.  Now Yahoo is less relevant than Research In Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry while remaining slightly more popular than RIMs tablet and way more relevant than HP’s  Web OS (formerly the space-defining Palm Operating System).

Lately watching Google’s missteps you have to wonder if the Google Brain Trust has engaged Carly Fiorina as their empress of strategic thinking.  The company whose motto was once “Don’t Be Evil,” finds itself under attack for deeds of darkness and data privacy concerns.

Google’s announcement that it is sharing more user data across its services has already raised the hackles of privacy advocates, technology writers and caught the attention of at least one national data-protection agency. – The Washington Post

Remember the film “Office Space” Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) was constantly berated for not wearing enough flair?  Well Google’s once strategically clean search results page is now more cluttered than a model waiter at Chotchkies Restaurant.  Google searchers are bombarded with nonsensical Google+ content, advertisements, and tons of other crap.

Google market missteps will only benefit gorilla turned chimp, Microsoft who is quietly moving forward adding and improving its product portfolio.  Google’s clutter and privacy issues seem antithetical to it’s “Don’t Be Evil” motto and Microsoft seems poised to pounce on those missteps.

MS’s Bing search engine is improving just as Google search is stumbling.  Web site owners are seeing more hits each month coming from Bing (my Bing hits have increased dramatically). Somehow Microsoft has transformed itself from the Tech Death Star to a cuddly Ewok.  As Google turns more Darth Vader, MS is looking more like the little guys in Hoosiers, they’re the Hobbits, they’re Rudy and people are rooting for them.

Google’s Android portfolio of battery-hungry phones are assailed as buggy and unreliable.  My Droid craps-out and reboot so often it makes me nostalgic for the comparably more stable Windows 2 “blue-screen of death” days.

It’s not easy running a public company.  Short sighted Wall Street demands ever-growing revenue and profits and it appears that Google is struggling to throw new products and service raw meat  to feed The Street’ Monster faster than their ability to think them through.

Meanwhile Microsoft keeps plugging along, slow and steady and stable.

Look it’s a new world.  Apple is Job-less, Google is Stumbling and the Microsoft Phoenix couldn’t ask for better timing for a rebirth.  Today’s turmoil portends to a reshuffling of the current Tech Haves and Have Nots.

Authors Note: I’ve always been an apple hater and jumped on Android early being an Android Phone user for 3 years.  I also have Xoom Tablet which actually works pretty well. I’m part of the Windows Champions Program which requires me to write several Microsoft Oriented Blogs like this one. My oppinions are my own and are not dictated by Microsoft.  In return for blogging about Microsoft products I receive certain MS Products that include a Sony Laptop, Microsoft Software and an HTC Microsoft Windows 7 phone which is vastly superior in battery life and stability than my droid.