gofundme Fail – Danny Boice Bullies his ex-wife

Four days ago, Debbie Bailey posted a gofundme campaign for her sister, Joanne Boice. Joanne is the former wife of Danny Boice. For those of you new to the story, Danny Boice is a documented bully and crook.  See these blog posts: Running Total of Danny Boice Malfeciance

Danny Boice bullies his ex-wife. He’s been bullying her for years. During their 9 year marriage and more so after the divorce. Danny lives in a $2 million house, drives luxury automobiles, takes two-week exotic vacations, all over the world flying on private jets. Danny is now married to his ex-wife’s good friend who he impregnated while still married to Joanne. Yet his stay-at-home wife receives a mere $700 per month in alimony. They share custody of 2 children and as Danny has driven Joanne into poverty, he is now using his superior economic position to take the children from Joanne.

This is why Joanne’s sister Debbie started a gofundme account to help fund Joanne’s legal defense to keep her children.

Why should you care? Because Danny is not fit to be a parent. Really, read the post Running Total of Danny Boice Malfecience. Do you want to live in a world with children raised by an embezzler, cheat, liar, and fraud? Danny Boice bullies his ex-wife and her sister Debbie started a fund so that Joanne could afford legal representation.

Today, because “someone complained” about the post, gofundme cowardly took it down. Apparently, Danny Boice bullies his ex-wife and he also bullies gofundme. And gofundme folded like a cheap suit. gofundme folded like bargain basement lawn chair. Those idiots folded like a gambler who didn’t know you could hold them (see Kenny Rogers, Know When To Hold Them).

Now, who could have complained about the post? Could it be the “Harvard” Graduate (see this post), didn’t like the bad press? Because when he didn’t like my articles, he threatened to sue me. But because I wasn’t economically disadvantaged, he dropped it. He couldn’t bully me out of posting the truth. I was able to afford good legal representation (see this post). The Bully folded.

When gofundme removed Joanne’s campaign, a campaign that raised $3,810 from 44 individuals in just 4 days they caved to a bully. They allowed Joanne to be abused by Danny Boice. Let’s get Joanne’s campaign back up and running. Let’s help Joanne afford the legal representation she deserves. Let’s help her mount a fair fight. Let’s equal the odds.

Danny Boice bullies his ex-wife.  Let’s help Joanne defend herself. Please copy this text below and tweet it to gofundme. And please give to Joanne Boice so she won’t be bullied anymore. Give Here.

Hey, @gofundme don’t let Danny Boice silence fairness. Bring back the joanneboice campaign. @glehel Please retweet! https://drivenforward.com/gofundme-danny-boice-bullies-his-ex-wife/

And if you can’t give or if you want to help spread the word by tweeting the copying and tweeting the following text.

Hey, @gofundme, thank you for restoring the joanneboice campaign. Please retweet @glehel @DannyBoice @JenMellon @Trustify Please  https://drivenforward.com/gofundme-danny-boice-bullies-his-ex-wife/

Updated May 15, 2018: Danny Boice bullies his ex-wife yet after 24 hours, the gofundme campaign has been restored. Danny’s attempt to shut her down failed. The account is back live.

UPDATE December 3, 2018: Today, instead of having to suffer the scrutiny of the open court, Danny Boice signed an agreement to give full legal custody to his ex-wife Joanne. The long nightmare is almost over for Joanne. Almost a year ago Danny sued Jo, for full custody, claiming she was an unfit mother. Joanne counter-sued. Danny dropped the case when he found he had to provide Trustify financials as part of the discovery process. 

Joanne, tired of being bullied by Boice and concerned about Danny’s mental state and fitness as a parent, continued with her suit. Danny was sanctioned for still not complying with the court order to provide Trustify financials. Eventually, he caved and signed an order.

Yet it sisn’t over… because, in January, there will be a court date to set child support. As of today, Danny has late with and has yet to pay his November child support.

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