Washington Business Journal – Glen Hellman (mostly) retires from bomb-throwing, takes sales gig

We wrote, in a 2012 profile, that Glen Hellman had a knack for making blood boil. Maybe that was hasty.

At the time, Hellman — an angel investor, blogger, executive coach and former turnaround CEO-for-hire — was in the midst of a spat with the Northern Virginia Technology Council, which he blasted as “out of touch.” In retrospect, this was quaint and cordial compared to the fights Hellman would pick in the coming years. Two years ago, the blood was only simmering. It wouldn’t reach a boiling point until a bit later.

Hellman, who blogs under the persona of “Mr. Cranky,” was always comfortable inhabiting the role of the antagonist, seeming to pick targets based on the amount of hype built up around them. He often made it personal, specifically in his feuds with iStrategyLabs CEO Peter Corbett, who called Hellman“sad, cynical and destructive,” and 1776 co-founder Evan Burfield. Another favorite subject: the startup press ( us included), and its many failings.

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