Getting to Why with Beth Berman

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting with Beth Berman, CEO/Founder, Compellications ™. She’s a “why,” lady. Why do I say that?

In leadership, nothing is more important than being conscious of your personal and organizational intentions. Simon Sinek refers to this as your “why,” and Daniel Pink calls it “higher purpose.” Whatever name you put on it, declaring your “Why” is declaring your intentions. It announces to others whether you are friend or foe. A team of mere mortals aligned by intentions or what Beth Berman, calls their “why” are more likely to succeed than an all-star team of non-aligned superstars.

So what’s your why? What’s your team’s why? Don’t know…. Beth Berman can help you find out.

In a 20 minute conversation, Beth divined my “why.” In a short, relatively painless conversation, providing we ignore the brief moment where she brought a tear to this cranky old farts eye, Berman got to the “why” of Mr Cranky.

After lunch with Beth, I got an email from her that said,

My Gift: Your WHY Message: 

Hi I’m Glen, and I believe in adding real value 

When I work with you, I:

  • Ask questions with the goal of finding how best I can help 
  • Move you to the point where you can make better decisions, rather than simply giving advice
  • Help you execute better because I’ve asked the right questions and recognized the patterns that have shown up in your world 
  • Decipher that puzzle and help you find the important things you should be doing and hold you accountable 
  • Connect you to people and opportunities 
  • Make you laugh, and maybe even cry along the way, and 
  • Feel great when you and I see the value I’ve added and watch it boost your results

I’m Glen Hellman, Business Coach, and a great lunch host with just the right amount of irreverence!  If you’d like me to add value by helping you find your way out of issues and toward reaching your goals, let’s talk.

Want to find the “why” of you, your team and your organization? Want to be aligned? You might want to meet Beth Berman, check out her LinkedIn here.

If you’re interested in your why, if you’re curious. You just may be the kind of executive who has the level of curiosity and a drive for self-improvement. You might just be coachable. Want to try a complimentary coaching session? Schedule an online coaching session by pressing that little red button thingy down there.