Fox News: Blue Ocean Poster Child

I watch MSNBC, CNN and Fox News because I welcome the multiple points of view. I enjoy the critical thinking unleashed when trying to discern fact from fiction. I watch these news outlets and I’m constantly assaulted with the difference in ratings between Highest Rated Fox News and the other services. Fox “News” shows make up the bulk of the top 20 rated news programs on TV.

Fifteen years ago the fledgling Fox network was begging cable operators to add them to the lineup. In just a short time Fox rocketed to the top. Why? My theory, Fox executed a brilliant Blue Ocean Strategy.

You see, Fox saw all the news outlets, like CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and even print like the New York Times and the Washington Post, and realized that these companies were appealing to intellectual elites. They were fighting over the same base resulting in crowded competitive bloody waters.

Someone at Fox must have realized that while all the other networks were fighting for viewers who had had a thought and could read, there was a still a large demographic watching Dancing with the Stars or Jersey Shore or Honey Boo. Some bright person at Fox probably read Blue Ocean Strategy and came to the realization they could attract an underserved audience…. people who didn’t like to exercise their brains.

Then they probably created a Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas that looked something like this:

Fox “News” Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas

Take a lesson from Fox. Are you competing in bloody hard fought waters? Would a small pivot make you more attractive to an underserved audience? Pick a niche’ and differentiate or be commoditized and compete on price.

Fox Silly Themes

  1. The War on Christmas
  2. Immigration
  3. Sharia Law
  4. Benghazi
  5. Fast and Furious
  6. Solyndra