Former Trustify Employees Awarded $260 Thousand Judgement

Eight former Trustify employees, Matthew Scott, Elisabeth Nugent, Kevin Wiggins, Stacy Blackburn, Bey Wesley, Matthew Blanchard, Bernadette Vielhaber and Andrew Little, seeking $35 thousand in back pay. A court awarded these former employees $259,425.49 for several weeks back-pay, lost wages while unemployed, damages and Labor Law violations.

The troubles for the bankrupt company and it’s two co-founders Danny Boice and Jennifer Mellon keep adding up. Good luck with collections as this group of creditors get in line with other burned creditors.

Litigant Type Status Amount
Commonwealth of Virginia Tax Lien Judgment $593,054.03
JBG Smith Office Rent Judgment $263,477.21
Centro GS Software Judgment $25,000.00
Eight Former Trustify Employees Back Pay/FinesDamages Judgment $259,425.49
Buckley Sanders LLP Legal Bills Judgment $245,945.00
Dini Von Mueffling Communications Press Relations/Marketing Law Suit $240,305.26
Total $1,627,206.99

If you’re keeping score at home, it is now 5 wins for the litigants, zero wins for Boice and Mellon. The latest woes for the Husband and Wife couple keep adding up. In addition these judgment and active lawsuits there is an active criminal investigation ongoing by the FBI into fraud and embezzlement accusations. Danny Boice and Jen Mellon are legally separated and headed to divorce court. Finally, there is still a bankruptcy case pending in Deleware courts.

Trouble keeps adding up for the couple in May 2017 threatened to sue me for exposing their fraud and abuse (see post) Why didn’t they follow through with the threat? Apparently they understood that the truth was not on their side. The truth is the best defense.

I guess Trustify was accurately described as a Dumpster Fire.