Former Trustify Employees Available For Hire

Hello, DCTech here’s an opportunity to help some needy fellow DC Techsters during this holiday season. According to multiple, recently-ex Trustify Employees. Monday, November 26, 20018, in a loud and aggressive screaming match, Danny Boice fired 8, Trustify Employees. These Trustify Employees were guilty of going to the Labor Relations Board seeking back pay. Danny was so aggressive that the Trustify Employees called the police.

Trustify Employees that I’ve talked to have not seen Jen Mellon in the office for months, with one exception. Two weeks ago, she breezed into the office and printed a few things out. According to multiple witnesses, she and Danny had a loud argument and she left.

This is a terrible time to be out of work and looking for a job. These are employees who were originally inspired by the stated mission of the company and while, I am not able to render an opinion on their competence or work ethic, I was impressed with them in the short time we spoke.

Danny Boice’s company appears to be crumbling and I’m told that the few employees who remain are also competent and only stayed because they can’t afford to be out of work.

If you’re looking for marketing, sales, and tech folks, reach out to these folks. Look them up on LinkedIn and reach out to them.

Name Position Stop Date
Elizabeth Klimp Magney Executive Management October
Bernadette Vielhaber Marketing November
Elliot Rysenbry Marketing November
Andre Wiggins Sales November
Bey Wesley Sales November
Cole Little Engineering November
David Little Engineering November
Elisabeth Nugent Admin November
Mathew Scott Engineering November
Matthew Blanchard Engineering November
Stacy Blackburn Marketing November
Camden Alexander Moran Sales Still There
Chanal Thomas Office Manager Still There
Chris Cline Sales Still There
Joe Paparo Consultant Still There
Kayla Clark Admin Assistant Still There
Matthew De Leon Unemployable Still There
Megan Penn Engineering Still There