Business Coach

How do I find a business coach?

Business Coach. How do I find a business coach or more importantly, how do  I find a good business coach or more importantly still how do I find the right good coach for me?

All good questions and no simple answer.

I’m a business coach. I’m a good business coach. In fact, I’m the best darn business coach who is the exact right business coach for you and what I just said is complete BS! Because:

  1. Fit – One person’s business coach is like another person’s floor.  Obtuse you say? Let me try and demystify what  I just said. In an apartment building, one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor (unless one of those men lives on the top or bottom floors which is a good illustration of my point as well). There are bad business coaches who are bad for everyone and yet the inverse is not true. There are no business coaches that are good for everyone. The right coach depends on the unique characteristics of each person.
  2. Fitting Room – I may be a great business coach (really there’s no may about it…I am) but maybe not a good fit for you.  For example, if you need someone who’s going to teach you to be a finance guru… that ain’t me. If you want someone who keeps asking you questions until you figure out the best course of action and then hold you accountable…maybe you and I should talk.

So how do you find a business coach? You interview them, sample their wares, check their credentials and talk to references:

Look…everyone has different needs, different strengths, blind spots, and weaknesses. A good business coach is like a great suit. It could be made of the best fabric, designed by a top designer and yet if it’s a 44 long and you’re a 38 short… It’s a great suit but it’s not a great suit for you.

Now I’m a great coach if I do say so myself. If I could recommend any business coach for me, I’d be the one I’d recommend to me and yet before I began a relationship with myself, I’d try me on for size. You know how I’d do that? I’d press this little button thingie right here —->

and then I’d schedule a complimentary online one-on-one coaching session and see if I fit me. And you know what? Even if I’m not the right coach for me? I’d get value from that appointment so schedule a no holds barred, no charge sample session right now.

Hey! What are you waiting for? Press that button and find out what it feels like to work with a great executive coach!