FAKEGRIMLOCK – Nobody Says It Better

Fakegrimlock? One of DC Tech’s little secrets is a supposed regular Joe.  A nondescript, anonymous, fellow who goes about his everyday life playing the DC Tech version of Clark Kent.  When no one’s looking our hero takes off his glasses (if he wears glasses, few people know), puts on his caps-lock and ROARS HIS FAKEGRIMLOCK ROAR OF AWESOMENESS (a Grimlock is a robotic Transformer dinosaur character).

Fueled by bacon, coffee, and beer, speaking in his primitive voice,  FAKEGRIMLOCK shouts his pearls of wisdom in less than 140 character bytes.  Some of my favorite FG tweets:

So what is it about this self-described “nobody” that has his Twitter feed followed by nearly 9,000 people? Why did FAKEGRIMLOCK rate his own Internet Interview Video Show at SXSW? Why do Tech Startup thought leaders like Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, and Eric Ries offer him space on their blogs? I’ll tell you why…. because he’s smart, doesn’t hold back, speaks without BS and only speaks when he has something to say.

The lesson to be learned from FAKEGRIMLOCK is this.  Just because you are not idolized by the press like Seth Godin or a Guy Kawasaki or a Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton or Barney the Dinosaur for that matter does not mean you don’t have something of value to say.  In fact, some of the people that we idolize never had anything to say and others had something to say, said it, and now keep talking even though their troughs are empty.  We the people have become lazy and allow others to tell us who’s worthy.

FAKEGRIMLOCK teaches us that it is not who you are that makes what you say valuable it is the value of what you say. So the next time nobody is talking listen to them…. they might be saying something worth hearing.