Dumpster Fire Fact vs Fiction

Fact Vs Opinion

Fact Vs Opinion… there is a difference you know (It is my opinion that statements in this post written in green are facts and in blue are opinion regarding Danny Boice, Jennifer Mellon and the Dumpster Fire they call Trustify).

We are fortunate to live in America where we are entitled to voice our opinions freely and yet must do our best to state facts accurately.

Mr. Cranky as in I, am not a journalist. Neither am I a “journalist” like the folks at Tech.co, Technal.ly DC and DCinno. I’m an opinion writer, a satirist, and a cranky old fart.

When I state a CEO is a great CEO this is an opinion based on facts. I use supporting facts at hand to form an opinion. That is a fact vs opinion.  I am in receipt of a correspondence that attempts to convince me that Jennifer Mellon of Trustify is a great CEO for several reasons including the alleged fact that the company raised $10 Million which is much less than the number cited in Crunchbase (it is my opinion that Crunchbase is a more credible source)  Yet whether or not the company raised $1 Billion or $1 it is my opinion that raising money does not make anyone a great CEO. In my opinion, there are many crappy companies that raised lots of money run by horrible CEOs.

For example, when I was hired to replace the CEO at Astracon in Denver, the company had raised over $33 million. The gentleman I replaced was a good human being and a poor CEO. Astracon was a dumpster fire that ended in a fire sale. A burning garbage dumpster fire sale. 

Another example of fact vs opinion can be found by examining a recent post of mine: Dis-Trustify: Is #DCTech’s Trustify Trustworthy? When Mr. Cranky as in I, included 3 Glassdoor reviews of DC Tech dumpster fire known as Trustify. It is a fact that:

  1. These were actual reviews posted on Glassdoor.
  2. I do not know if the facts stated in the Glassdoor reviews were accurate.
  3. I tend to agree with the opinions stated in the Glassdoor reviews.
  4. I get to agree with other people’s opinions.
  5. I did not state they were accurate.
  6. Based on these supporting facts it is my opinion that Trustify, Danny Boice, and his wife Jennifer Melon are ill-equipped to be CEOs of a great company.
  7. It is a fact that the company formerly known as Flim Flam, now called Trustify is, in my opinion, a Dumpster Fire.
  8. It is a fact that my use of the term Dumpster Fire is metaphorical and not literal (I don’t really believe the company is a literal burning dumpster full of garbage. That would be foolish.).
  9. It is a fact that it is my opinion that FlimFlam, the original name of Trustify was a more comically appropriate name for the company now known as Trustify.
  10. It is a fact that it is my opinion that founding a company called FlimFlam qualifies a person to be known as FlimFlam Man.
  11. It is a fact that it is my opinion that calling the founder of FlimFlam a Flim Flam man is exceptionally high-quality satirical irony.
  12. It is a fact that #11 is a pat on my own back.
  13. It is a fact that it is my opinion that Trustify would be more aptly comically named as Distrustify.
  14. It is a fact that if I was ever presented verifiable irrefutable evidence to contradict my current opinions I would change my opinion.
  15. It is a fact that any bozo can demand to know the basis of my opinions and that I am not obligated to respond to every clown who makes specious demands.
  16. It is my assumption that some clown who says he took a few Harvard Extension Classes just looked up the word specious (pink for assumptions).

But those are just my opinions. You all have the right as American Citizens to agree or disagree with me and my opinions. Fortunately, this ain’t Russia.

It is a fact that winning awards does not inoculate a person from being a perpetrator of fraud. For instance,  in 2008 the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) presented Bernie Madoff with the “extraordinary leadership and service.” A few months later Madoff pleaded guilty to 11 federal felonies in regards to his Ponzi Scheme. Oh and speaking of academics, Bernie was accepted to The the University of Alabama. He transferred to Hofstra in his freshman year where he received his BA in Political Science. He also took classes at Brooklyn Law School but failed to graduate. He also started his own company and raised lots of money! (WARNING: Do not conflate the fact that a huxter like Bernie Madoff is cited in this post with anyone else mentioned in this post. That would be a false assumption).

Fact: OJ Simpson won a lot of awards including a Heisman Trophy and made tons of money.

It is my opinion vs fact that an academic pedigree does not make one qualified to be a CEO. It is a supporting fact or sometimes a supporting fiction. So when I receive a correspondence extolling someone’s academic achievements, and I observe that this person is running a crappy company and associates with people for whom I have no respect that doesn’t change my opinion to the positive. In fact, it makes me wonder… why are you trying so hard? And really folks…. why do we even care about my opinion?

If a person with a 6th-grade education creates a great company based on a great culture… that’s a great CEO. In my opinion.

In a recent study the CEO Genome Project found that only 7% of high performing CEOs had Ivy League degrees while 8% had no college degree.

The fact that someone says they graduated, Magna Cum Laude from a respectable university like Bucknell qualifies that person to say they earned a degree with distinction from Bucknell if in fact they did in fact graduate from Bucknell Magna Cum Laude which is a fact that I have not verified.

If another person says

  1. he is a Harvard man, and some cranky old fart calls him out on that, so he backs off and the story devolves and then, (http://hatchnorfolk.com/tag/danny-boice/)
  2. he says he went to Harvard but didn’t graduate, and some cranky old fart calls him out on that and he backs off yet again and the story devolves and then,
  3. he says he  took a class or two or three at Harvard Division of Continuing Education which is part of  Harvard Extension School,

That person can say he took a class or two (or maybe more or less) from HES if in fact, he did take a class or two or more at HES.

The Bucknell thing is mildly impressive in an academic sense (congratulations Ms. Melon) and the latter (the constantly devolving educational CV of Mr. Boice)  is a sad commentary of a seemingly woefully inadequate person trying to puff up his resume in the absence of any meaningful accomplishments. (it is my opinion that this Harvard issue is better qualified in this post).

I have never written about Ms. Melon prior to today nor have I thought about her until she directed (an assumption vs opinion, which is an entirely different blog post not yet penned by this scholar) her representatives to contact me which provoked my interest in her. So now I have some questions for Ms. Melon.

Since questions are neither fact, nor opinion, nor assumptions, I’ll post them in red.

Ms. Melon:

  • By calling yourself the co-founder of Trustify does that mean you were involved with the company when it was founded?
  • If you were involved when FlimFlam (the original name of Trustify) was founded, why can’t I find any record of you as the C0-founder on the Trustify website until October 30th, 2015 (according to the wayback machine)?
  • Why was Danny Boice listed as the sole founder on your website from September 5, 2015 – November 15, 2015 (according to the wayback machine)?
  • Why is the first web mention I can find in google search that cites your status as the Co-founder of Trustify this article dated October 15, 2016, well after the company was founded?
  • When did you formally join the company (as an investor, employee, or officer)?
  • Is it possible to retroactively found a company (see Trustify Retroactive Cofounder Jen Mellon)?
  • If so would you help me become the co-founder of Facebook?
  • When did you get promoted from Vice President to President and then CEO? because this article refers to you as a VP in February 2016, while this October 2016 Article refers to you as President (by the way, congrats on the promotions I’m sure they’re well deserved)?
  • Did your status change in order to improve the company’s ability to raise capital with funds that favor women-owned companies and/or for PR?
  • Is this how you suckered SoGal Ventures (who bill themselves as the first female-led Venture Capital Firm) into investing back in November 2016?

For Danny Boice

  • Did you drop or flunk out of James Madison University?
  • Why do you downplay your time at James Madison as opposed to listing Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford which at this time appears to be the current academic credentials listed on LinkedIn profile?
  • Why did you drop the MIT Advanced Study from your bio?
  • When did you change your LinkedIn Status to state that you did not graduate from Harvard?
  • Here’s an article dated January 2014 ( link: Speek co-founder gives Rutgers Business School crowd a real sense of what it takes to launch a company) was it before or after that?
  • Was it after I started calling out a DC Tech founder who was pretending to be a Harvard grad?
  • When did you change the status from Harvard to state you were pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Harvard School of Continuing Education, which is part of HES?
  • Was it after I started calling out a DC Tech founder who was pretending he got accepted into a highly selective competitive degree program at Harvard?
  • Why didn’t you originally mention that you attended HES through the Harvard University Division of Continuing education?
  • Were you concerned that taking classes and not graduating from HES was not impressive (see Real Entrepreneurs Don’t Need No Stinkin Harvard Diploma)?
  • Why haven’t local investors who are actively making investments today, are knowledgeable about the DC startup scene and were former investors in Speek subsequently invested in Trustify (for example: Specifically CIT and Middleland Capital)?
  • Did you raise $10 Million or $2.4 million as it states in Crunchbase?
  • Are you going to sue Crunchbase for lying (if so you should do a gofund.me campaign to finance it)?

Now I bet at some time some of you readers thought I’d use some well-worn cliche like, “you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts,” didn’t you? Well, I got it in any way and that’s a fact!