Facebook Cry Babies

Ohhhhhh no! Facebook has too much psychographic information on me! How did they do that? I mean how did they get everything I gave them? Are you trying to tell me they’re monetizing my data? I thought Facebook was a tax-supported, NGO, like the public library. I had no idea they had a business to run. I never thought that when I liked a post bashing my useless Congresswoman, Barbara Comstock, on Facebook that Facebook would know I did that and track that I hate people who hide from their constituents, are owned by the NRA, and support corporate interests over human interests.

I thought when I post about her, that was a secret between Babs and me!

Now, I come to find out Facebook knew I am angry with Barbara? Even though I typed all that stuff in lowercase which everyone knows is the same as whispering.

Are you saying that if I don’t pay for it, I’m the product, not the customer? Shit! Does that mean I’m the product of air? Do I need to opt out of free oxygen? Not because it’s getting more polluted each day but does air have data on my nostrils and my lungs?

Stop friggin whining! Shame on you for being shocked. Shame on you for publically sharing shit you didn’t want to share publically.

Now I know there were some violations of trust. I know that mistakes were made. But folks, the Russians have hacked our public election records… you know, records that include your social security numbers? Remember Hyperion? They gave away your sensitive data, or didn’t protect it from hackers. Did you consent to give them any of your personal information? Did they allow you to opt out of their system? You elected to give Facebook your data. So why the outrage? By the way. I bet you were also shocked that there was gambling going on at Ric’s Cafe in Casablanca.

There has never been a Facebook or anything like it. Mark Zuckerberg and his team are breaking new ground. And like every great entrepreneur, Zuck is going to break some dishes and make mistakes. But entrepreneurship is like skiing, if you don’t fall down, you’re not improving. Hell, even if you make mistakes you can still fail… right Yahoo?

So Mark Zuckerberg and his team got ahead of their skis.

Would you rather have your government provide a facebook like service? Do you have any clue how crappy that service would be? Do you want a government that spends $40,000 on a phone booth to provide a global community service? Do you know what that would do to the deficit and your taxes? And then it would still be hacked!

Stop being such hypocrites and babies. You’re acting like President Trump who admits to obstructing justice in a tweet and then complains because he’s being investigated for obstructing justice. If you don’t like the information you publically share to be shared publically… share it on myspace… I think it’s still a thing.