Executive Leaders Radio – How Does That Work?

I’ve known of Executive Leader Radio now for over a decade. A few of the Vistage Chairs I worked with were involved in it. I’ve been invited to attend a few times and invited to become a host… twice… I declined both times. It wasn’t for me.

Why? It’s another disingenuous, bait and switch business development model. It’s in some ways like DCA Live.

CEOs in the Executive Leaders Radio Green Room

Executive Leaders Radio is the Hunting Lodge. Remember that time Dick Cheney shot his buddy in the face while hunting quail while at the Armstrong Ranch in Texas? Texas has a bunch of lodges where they put up fences, stock the place with wild game and then set “hunters” free to bag large game like a Père David’s deer for $7,000 (check out the price list of the Texas Wild Hunting ranch). Want to bag a lion? Head over to South Africa.

The difference between Executive Leader’s Radio and these stocked hunting loges is the big game. The Executive Leaders Radio, the big game are company CEOs and the hunters are the sponsors.

Here’s how it works. Pretend you’re a company CEO and you get an invitation to be on a Radio Show. “Wow! Radio? That will be a great way to promote my company,” you say.

So you travel down to the “Studio” which is a conference room in an office building with recording equipment. where you and a few other people who run companies have been invited to be interviewed. Other prey. You wait for your interview in the “Green Room,” an office lobby or another conference room.

While you wait, you and your fellow CEOs are in the company of nice people who chat you up. Don’t overtly sell you, but will be calling you later. They represent, consulting companies, insurance companies, law firms, accounting firms and other service providers to corporations just like yours. You are the lion, they are the big game hunters.

How does executive leaders radio, which broadcasts it’s short form CEO interviews make money? They are not supported by advertising. The radio is only broadcast on a few stations across the country. You’ve never heard the broadcast and neither have ninety-nine percent of the rest of your peers. The hosts are not paid. What’s in it for the hosts, the nice service providers, Executive Leaders Radio?

Executive Leaders Radio Guest & Sponsor

Executive Leaders Radio is supported by sponsorship fees paid by the service providers who chat you up in the green room. The hosts of the show, like the Vistage Coach hosts I knew, were not paid to host. They did it for free for the opportunity to hunt big game… you!

Here’s the thing… the interviews are interesting. The hosts are experienced in teasing out interesting and humanizing stories. The guests… the CEOs, the big game, get a copy of the recorded interview to use for promotional purposes on their websites or however they please. There is some value there. Just be sure what you’re giving up in exchange for what you get.

But the real purpose of Executive Leaders Radio is to get a corporate prospect in front of a service provider who wants to sell them something. That’s the business model. It’s not very different than the Facebook model. Which ain’t evil… it’s just a business model.

There’s nothing wrong with that… just remember… if it’s for free… you are product… prey.