Dynami Sweat-Equity Position Available in Battery Startup

Argentina is a major source of Lithium used in Lithium batteries. As a result, Argentina is rich in battery technologists and innovation. Dynami is a startup that is looking for an US-based executive with industry business expertise to join the team and help build the company. This is an effort for equity, non-salary position to start. The exact role and title are negotiable based on skill, ability, experience and ranges anywhere from toilet cleaner to CEO.

I have no professional, personal, nor equity relationship with the company except to have talked to the founder and one of his advisors, a professor at the University of Maryland

Dynami Executive Summary

Thin and flexible medical devices, internet of things and wearables devices are now designed to accommodate off the shelf rigid batteries.  Dynami ultra-thin lithium battery technology enables batteries tailored to the product design instead of the product designed for the batteries.  Dynami leverages the regional availability of lithium, research, and engineering resources to create proprietary battery technology and production processes for our clients.

Problem: In an exponentially growing market of thin and flexible medical devices, internet of things (IoT) and wearables, those devices need custom battery solutions. Prismatic, volumetric, rigid batteries do not physically fit.

Solution: Dynami’s ultra-thin lithium batteries fit the new generation of IoT, wearables and medical devices. Using proprietary fabrication technology we accelerate the lab-to-fab transition.

Business Model: Building upon the “fabless semiconductor” model, Dynami is a fabless lithium ultra-thin battery engineering firm. Device makers hire us to integrate Dynami’s ultra-thin lithium batteries into their products and license the design and industrial procedures. This creates high lifetime-value clients and a double revenue stream: 1- Engineering and licensing of intellectual property. 2- Per unit royalties. This model is used industry-wide in electronics: ARM Holdings pioneered this model and was acquired by Softbank at 20 times the revenue for $32B in 2016.

Market Size: Market forecasting firms like Markets and Markets and n-tech Research preview that the market value for ultra-thin batteries will grow exponentially from $150M in 2017 to $1200M in 2022.

Timing: The lithium battery industry is growing rapidly fueled by the car and renewables industries, creating an attractive landscape of industrial partners for Dynami, that will tap this enormous manufacturing capacity to produce Dynami batteries.

Technical Innovation: Dynami develops its ultra-thin lithium battery technology using Additive Manufacturing (3d printing, inkjet printing, digital CNC, etc). Researchers at Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC) endorse this as the future of thin and flexible battery manufacturing. These are “Industry 4.0” innovations that are at the core of the fourth industrial revolution.

Market Validation: INVAP S.E. is Dynami’s first client. INVAP needed a custom battery solution to improve the usability of a product. Dynami is developing lithium-ion batteries that fit in INVAP’s product where no other battery can. Also, Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica (CNEA) is starting to use Dynami’s patent-pending battery assembly machine to prototype their research batteries.

Competition: Cymbet, Blue Spark and Imprint Energy are among the 10 worldwide identified competitors. Imprint Energy is our closest competitor, but they don’t do lithium technology. Dynami’s unique value proposition is in the creation of novel prototyping and manufacturing techniques that make the scalability and lab-to-fab process extremely fast. We not only use leading lithium-ion technology but also provide our clients with an ultra-fast time to market transition.

Team: Dynami has a very seasoned team with international studies and international business experience. Sergio Baron, CEO: Serial Entrepreneur. MSc. Electrical Engineering, UMD. Works on Lithium batteries. Has been financed by US – DOE and Fulbright. Carlos Kaplan, CLO: International tech company lawyer. Duke LLM. Founder of Kaplan Abogados. Diego Ramos, CIPO: Industrial Engineer, UBA. ID in Business Administration, Univ. of Berkeley. Julio Wilder, Head of Sales: Over 30 years of industry experience, telecom, renewable energy, sales. Electronics Engineer, ITBA. Fabián De Vita, Lab Engineer: Polymer specialist. Bachelor in Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires.

Current Status: Incubation and seed capital by Fundación Argentina de Nanotecnología. Strategic alliance with YPF Tecnología. Product ready. Dynami’s technology has “patent pending” status at USPTO. First local client acquired, many international clients in the pipeline.

Contact: [email protected]. +54-911-4143-3387. +1-202-679-6683. www.dynami-battery.com