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New Tip: Dumpster Fire Trustify

File this in the for what it’s worth file for Trustify.  What follows is a transcript from a voicemail, I received at 6:05 PM, EDT on August 27, 2018.

Signs of more layoffs and cost-cutting at Dumpster Fire Trustify.

“Hey Mister Cranky, I’ve got something for you on Danny Boice, anonymous please.

Mr. Boice has now lowered himself to firing via text the last above board employee he had. This employee was working endless hours. Fired late Saturday. As a direct result of that this employee is in ICU. All the while Mister Boice is sending Cort Furniture to try to empty the employees apartment for his rental furniture.

He is the devil. Thank you.”

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the voicemail. Nor do I know the identity of the caller or the employee who was reportedly fired and is in the ICU. I would welcome any tips.

Updated 12:24 PM, August 28, 20018: According to this tipster, Danny Dumpster Fire Boice, fired this person via text while the Danster was on vacation. Danny Boice like Donald Trump does not fire people in person. Supposedly there are only two people left working at the company. The creepy Mr. Matt De Leon, the clown oft referred to like Danny’s henchman, his Igor. and Cheif of Staff, Elizabeth Klimp. Danny sends you’re fired Text. Klimp writes up the legal document, and De Leon, does the dirty work like trying to repossess the furniture of a person who is in the Intensive Care Unit of a Hospital.  Nice folks! I hope they’re proud of themselves.

Also, look for a great show this coming September, when Danny tries to abuse his wife in court. I’m looking forward to being in the courtroom! Mr. Cranky, Courtroom Reporter… out.

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