Dingman Angels 2011-2012 Investments


The University of Maryland’s Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship is home to the DC Region’s most active Angel Investment Group.  Last month in June the group concluded it’s 2011-2012 year which coincides with the Universities school year from September to June.  During that time the Dingman Angel’s completed investments in 15 total startups.

Last year the group accepted 60 startup applicants for screening of which 40 were accepted to present to the Angels.

The Dingman Angel’s meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month starting in September and ending in June. We (I am a member) typically review 3 to 4 companies each month. There are over 40 Angel Investors in the group. We hunt in a pack, pool due diligence, and ultimately invest individually. Typically investments in companies involve 4 – 5 individual angels making investments yet we’ve had as few as 1 person invest and as many as 9.

The Dingman Angels participate in deals as small as $25K and as large as $1.5M with the typical deal raising between $200K – $500K.

The 15 Deals Funded by the Angel’s Last Season are:

  1. Target Entertainment Properties (TEP): TEP is a digital entertainment company that delivers branded celebrity digital content such as casual, mobile, social games and e-books.  The company released it’s first games in association Venus Williams October 2010. Company’s CEO has significant experience in online gaming with the NFL Players Association, AOL and National Geographic.
  2. Seva Call operates a local search engine that connects local businesses with consumers in real-time. Seva Call intelligently matches consumers with businesses that meet their service needs and instantly connects them via phone.
  3. Cirrus Technology Services introduces its CirrusWorks platform, a scalable integrated infrastructure solution that forms the basis of efficient technology management in commercial networking environments.
  4. SocialToaster is a social marketing platform that engages supporters to promote your content directly to their social networks while driving website traffic and providing comprehensive reporting on the effectiveness of your effort.
  5. Veenome is a video enabling platform, translating video content into data for superior publishing, searching and monetization. Utilizing video recognition technology, Veenome discovers products, objects, and brands in popular online videos creating additional revenue opportunities for web publishers.
  6. Learn Zillion –  Delivers great video lessons produced by great teachers to students and teachers. Now students get the right lesson at the right time.
  7. Spotflux – Creates a revolutionary product that provide users with a secure and private  internet connection void of censors and nation-state eaves-dropping.
  8. Ringio helps businesses become more customer-centric by providing cloud-based solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Ringio effectively combines telecom, mobile, collaboration and CRM technologies to improve all qualitative aspects of customer phone calls.
  9. 6th Street Commerce is an automated E-commerce platform that helps retailers simplify their critical business processes. 6th Street Commerce automatically builds and publishes an online store while integrating the key operating tasks and back-end management functions.
  10. Lemur Technologies is a software company that brings together experts in retail, programming, and social media marketing to develop innovative solutions for common retail problems by leveraging smart phone technology and social networking.
  11. eco-armour™ manufactures and markets natural, healing skin care products based on its patented botanical shaving solutions for men & women.
  12. Hydrates’ mobile security platform provides IT departments with the necessary tools to safeguard corporate data. Hydrates’ initial focus is on developing solutions for the Android OS.
  13. Euveda Biosciences cell miniaturization technology enables efficient drug screening on the most relevant primary cells, resulting in less expensive and more reliable clinical trials.
  14. Social Tables has created the world’s first social seating chart through its event planning and community-building platform. The company is targeting the $13 Billion corporate and consumer event planning market that is often still using post-it notes to solve this problem.
  15. Brain Sentry has created a helmet-mounted sensor that detects impacts that could cause a concussion helping prevent further injury.