Stupid Investor Definition Danny Boice

Definition of a Stupid Investor Definition is a Danny Boice Trustify Investor

Want to know the definition of a stupid investor?

An investor who would give up audit rights to a con man like Danny Boice. When Jen Mellon tells an investor that it is too expensive to agree to audit rights she means that if she agrees to audit rights she couldn’t use investor money to keep her in a nice house!

Anyone who invested in Danny Boice and his Dumpster Fire excuse for a company, Trustify

Why? Because unless you’re looking for a tax write-off, you could have gotten a better return by pouring gasoline on your cash and setting a match to it.

Why? Because if you had done any cursory research, you would have found that Danny is thief and a liar.

Why? Because had you handed the money to me, I would have been upfront and told you I was going to use it to fund my luxurious lifestyle instead of putting it to work for you… oh and I would have said thank you.

The definition of a stupid investor is anyone who would invest in a company run by a guy like Danny Boice. The definition of a stupid investor is a Trustify investor.

Why would I say that?

Let me count the ways:

  1. Cheater – Danny Boice was fired from The College Board – according to multiple sources his transgressions included:
    • inflated expense reports including expensed visits to strip joints (2 sources)
    • hiring contractors that were employed by a company of Danny’s at inflated prices (1 source)
    • when he was fired from The College Board a document/manifesto was distributed to all College Board employees, documenting many of his transgressions. (1 source who is forwarding the document to me)
  2. Unemployable – Danny Boice was fired from Speek, a company he co-founded for multiple infractions but the final infraction was that Danny disappeared for several days in Las Vegas. His then-wife was so worried she filed a missing persons report with the police. When he finally appeared, undamaged, he had charged $40,000 on his Speek credit card.  Speek investors lost everything on Speek. Speek funded Danny’s lifestyle but investors lost everything. I’m sure the Speek investors were delighted to fund Danny’s lost weekend. (multiple sources although the exact number $40,000 was from one source)
  3. People Who Know Say No – Virginia CIT Gap Fund is very familiar with Danny Boice. They invested in him when they invested in Speek. Virginia CIT Gap Fund, the state of Virginia’s Venture Fund that funds a large percentage of companies based in Virginia like Trustify and funded Speek, did not invest in Danny and Trustify. The CIT Gap Fund has barely met a start-up located in Virginia they don’t like yet they don’t like nor did they invest in that Dumpster fire run by Danny Boice. You know why? CIT Gap Fund is not the definition of a stupid investor. (Fact)
  4. Loser – No company that Danny has ever founded or in which he’s been a major executive has ever had an exit that provided any positive cash return to its investors. For instance, the Speek investors lost every penny they invested. No investor has ever made money by investing in a company run by Danny Boice. Yet Danny Boice has made enough money from running companies into the ground to afford a lifestyle of the rich and famous. (Fact and for lifestyle info, see Item #8)
  5. Liar – Danny routinely is caught in lies. He is a verified liar (see post). (Fact)
  6. Uneducated – Danny has no academic accomplishments of note…. none…. nada ZIP! That’s okay but he constantly tries to inflate his lack of accomplishments to make it look like he actually has a brain. He use to tell people he was a Harvard Grad, when he got called out on that changed his story to being a Harvard dropout and finally was forced by me to admit he took a low-bar, anyone with a credit card allowed, course at Harvard Extension School He still tries to defraud people into thinking he’s not a college drop out from a mediocre Virginia State college (see this post). Danny routinely tries to pretend that his academic accomplishments aren’t as sad as his lack of business success (See excerpts from his linked in the picture below). Any moron with a credit card can take a not-for-credit, online, or extension course like Danny. Proof, this lying thieving moron does it below. It means nothing. But to people who don’t do research are impressed. (Fact)Liar Danny Boice
  7. Unfaithful – Danny cheated on his first wife, Joan with Joan’s best friend Jen Mellon. Jen was also married at the time and not to Danny. Jen who pretends to be a co-founder of the company and Danny who pretends to be a man were as faithful to their former spouses as they are to their former and current investors. They cheat on them too! (Fact)
  8. Living Large For a Poor Boy – During his divorce, Danny claimed to the court that he was poor. Loudon County VA court records reflect that because Danny was poor, he was not forced to pay any child support and only $700 per month to the wife with whom he betrayed. Yet his lifestyle is not that of someone who is broke. Is this the lifestyle of someone who should pay minimum alimony?
    1. In July Danny bought 1 or 2 beach houses in Sea Isle NJ (Two Sources Reports To Me and one of those sources asserts that Danny purchased 2 houses.) The details:
      1. 205 85th Street East, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243
        Purchase price- $830,000
      2. 14 73rd Street West Unit, Sea Isle City, NJ 08243
        Purchase price- $1,275,000
    2. In November 2015 he bought a $1.7 million house (A Verified Fact)
    3. Drives a shiny new Tesla (A Verified Fact)
    4. Has 5 kids and sends his youngest child through his first marriage and his two stepchildren to exclusive expensive private schools (estimated cost $70,000 per year). (Two Sources)
    5. Takes more than 6 weeks vacations per year to Europe, The Islands sometimes using a private jet. (Two Sources)
  9.  Empty Threats – Boice threatened to sue me if I didn’t retract anything I wrote about him and didn’t follow through. This indicates he’s trying to repress the truth about his larcenous, incompetence through intimidation. It also indicates he is afraid that if we went to court the truth would indict him. Danny can’t afford to take this case to open court where his history of cheating people will be recorded in the public record. So far he’s not followed up. Although I’ve invited him and am inviting him to bring it on! (A Verified Fact)
  10. Inability To Maintain Relationships with Legal Representation – These bozos keep changing lawyers…. are they failing to pay their bills (I hear they stiff many of their vendors)  or do the Attorney’s figure out they are working for thieves and refuse to continue to degrade themselves?Or maybe he’s just trying to create a conflict with any possible lawyer that could competently represent an aggrieved party seeking to sue Trusstify. Law firms that Trustify has used in less than 2 years include: (Verified Fact)
    1. King and Spalding
    2. DLA Piper
    3. Conti Fenn & Lawrence
    4. Jackson Lewis
    5. Cooley LLP
  11. Unregulated Business in a Regulated Market – The Trustify business is under attack in multiple states for not being licensed as private detectives in those states. In fact, if you’re a reputable Private Investigator, defined as an investigator that will not work for Trustify, in the state of Virginia, you should contact the Virginia Private Investigators and Security Association (VA PISA). This association and the associations in many other states are working to shut down Trustify’s unlicensed business.  You can contact them via this link. (Reported to me by Nicole Gray a respected Private Investigator and the President of VA PISA)
  12. Abandon Ship – Trustify has nearly a 100% employee turnover rate including multiple C-level executives: (Verified Fact)
    • JS – CFO (and one other CFO) – JS was a consultant and he left the company in less than 2 weeks after determining he was working for an unethical CEO, Danny Boice.  He reportedly let Danny know he wanted no part of the company.
    • Megan Drury – Chief of Staff
    • Steven Flack – COO
    • KK  – VP Sales *
    • KM – Content Marketing *
    • JG – VP Legal and Regulatory *
    • Elliot Susel – VP Product & Technology
    • Chris Collins – Product Manager
    • Dmitry Parnas – VP Engineering
    • One Employee Who Called me and asked that I remove their name because they don’t want their employment record sullied by ever being associated with this dumpster fire.
  13. Female Retroactive Founder Scam – Hiring Jen Mellon in September 2015 (see her employee contract) even though the company was founded 5 months earlier than she came on board they retroactively call her a founder (see Retroactive Co-founder Jen Mellon Post). See exhibit A, the employee contract signature page of employee retroactively turned to co-founder’s Jen Mellon and Exhibit B, An investment pitch from Gust dated late 2015 where there is no listing of Jen Mellon (see this post).(Verified Fact) Many people speculate that this cosmetic change was made in order to court money earmarked for female-owned companies.Exhibit A
    Exhibit B
  14. Female Unfriendly  – Trustify pretended that Jen Mellon was a co-founder and upgraded her role in order to improve Trustify’s ability to raise money earmarked for women-led companies. Want to know the definition of a stupid investor? How about Pocket Son and Elizabeth Galbut, the two Bozette (female bozo) investors of SoGal Ventures who think Trustify, which is founded by a scumbag who pretends his wife is a co-founder was a good investment. Hey SoGals…this women-friendly company has multiple reports of sexual harassment and gender bias (FACT! see glass door reviews and in court, I’ve got better documentation Danny Boy and witnesses).Trustify Glass Door
  15. Vacation or Business Trip – Jen Mellon and Danny Boice take multiple expensive vacations. Current and former employees report they believe these vacations are expensed to the company. One employee of Trustify reported that they often fly on private jets.  A former employee reports that during a two week trip to Italy, Jen told the staff that no one is to bother them with business. This is not the activities and actions of a startup founder that are trying to build a business for their investors. This is the action of fraudsters and hucksters pretending to run a business while bilking investors and siphoning off investor money to fund a lavish lifestyle.  Kind of like when Danny disappeared in the wilds of Las Vegas while he was a co-founder of Speek. It has the familiar ring of when Danny dropped out for days, no word to his then-current wife and company and showed up after sticking the company with a reported $40,000 credit card bill. (8/25 Update, according to people who work at Trustify, Danny and Jennifer are on vacation right now.)
  16. Absentee Leaders – Jen and Danny work from home often…. in fact, when I post blogs about them they routinely access them from their Alexandria home at 11 AM on weekday mornings. A current employee reports that Jen and Danny are rarely in their expensively decorated office. This employee also reports the company runs better when Danny and Jen are not in the office. Startup Founders should be very involved in leading their troops… Danny and Jen are not and in this case, that’s a good thing. (Multiple Sources)
  17. Adult Fiscal Supervision – Danny fired his CFO when the CFO started asking questions about the books. Multiple CFOs, COOs, Board Members have run away from this company due to the cooked books bookkeeping. My cursory analysis of the business indicates that sales do not support the lifestyle of scam artist Boice. Danny was not born to money and he’s had no business exits to explain his luxury lifestyle. It is always a red flag when a company goes through multiple CFOs. They recently, in July 2015 added a virtual unknown, Joseph Burns (pictured below), with no bio or LinkedIn history as a VP of finance. Joseph Burns is a family friend of Jen Mellon’s family and it will be interesting to see if he is a man of ethics or if he participates in the scam. If he makes it a month… he’s not a CFO, he’s an accomplice.  Word is that this clown is a family friend and unlikely to raise any red flags (Fact and opinion).

    Joseph Burns
    CFO or Accomplice?

  18. Leaky Vessel – Danny has demonstrated he is a horrible leader and the evidence of this is how employees, former employees, former partners, leak information to me and others. Great leaders inspire loyalty. With the high turnover and all the people leaking information about Danny’s malfeasance, it is a fact that Danny is not a leader. (Fact)

Definition of a Stupid Investor

A stupid investor invests in a company run by a serial startup failure, a consistent liar and a thief. The definition of a stupid investor is a person who doesn’t care that they’re investing in a college drop-out who pretends to have been accepted to competitive college programs. There’s a reason why the investors in Speek won’t re-invest in any company started by huckster, why they won’t invest in Dumpster Fire, Danny “FlimFlam Man” Boice. Only a stupid investor would invest in a company run by a man fired from multiple companies for stealing money and lying.

Do you want to know the definition of a dumb investor? It’s any Trustify investor who reads this and says…. “But I didn’t know.” If you didn’t know, it’s only because you didn’t check… you didn’t want to know. You didn’t scratch the surface to find out the character of the scumbag in which you were entrusting your money. That’s the definition of a dumb investor. Danny Boice does not belong on a board of directors. Danny belongs on a chain gang. He gives startups a bad name. He is an embarrassment to DC. An embarrassment to any university of which he claims to be an alumnus. If I was Harvard, I’d sue him for dragging my venerable school’s name through the mud. Danny Boice belongs in Jail. The fact that Danny Boice exists, is what’s wrong with the startup press that gives this king of the douchebag a pass.

The press that avoids the controversy damages our society…. the quiet press that fails to call cheats out, damage dumb investors and trustify employees who wish they were warned off from this dumpster fire. Danny Boice and trustify sully the name of real startup entrepreneurs trying to make an honest living.

Danny Boice is a true Wolf of Startupland