DCTech Startup Crime Update

It’s that time again for the DCTech Startup Crime Update. Lots of little movement with the Crooks and Criminals of DCTech but not enough to warrant a single subject blog and therefore I’m going to provide a general DCTech Startup Crime Update on multiple happenings around DCTech.

DCTech Startup Crime Update -Existing Projects

  • Andy Powers and Communiclique (Clique, CliqueAPI) – Every month that Andy doesn’t live rent-free on the federally funded 3 hots and a cot program, costs his investors a ton of evaporating capital including the $35 thousand per month rent on his home (see home and court details).  On Monday 4/29, Andy Power’s lawyer showed up just prior to the 4 PM deadline with the data to prove that the company was a legitimate business. The invoices submitted were obviously fraudulent… dates changed and zeros and commas added. Add Bankruptcy Fraud to other probable convictions for Andy including, Wire Fraud, Securities Fraud, Bank Fraud, Tax Fraud, and Embezzlement. We’re still waiting on the judge’s decision regarding the disposition of the bankruptcies (see this post). The verdict is in, Communiclique is now in receivership (bankruptcy). A
  • Communiclique Asset Hunt:
    • Check into Tim Lee’s home purchased with Communiclique cash.
    • EmPower – Andy Powers Family Office
    • Any Holdings of Sabotage.VC a Joint Venture Firm between Andy Powers and Tim Lee
    • Nexercise (DBA Sworkit) – An Asset
    • Ostendio – Tim Lee was on the board before he was revealed to be the CFO of a fraudulent company
    • ArmorText – Probably a Liability on any balance sheet
    • LifeFuels – Virtually Worthless
    • Trustify – Definitely a Liability
  • Trustify – The web site is down and the race is on to see who purchases Trustify.info which expires on May 6, 2019.
  • Danny Boice – Has gone quiet and is hiding. Is due for court this month to show why the judge shouldn’t imprison him for failure to pay court-ordered child support and court fees. He’s over 6 months behind. According to the Virginia Child Support Enforcement Agency:
    • Do I Have To Go To Court – Maybe. The DCSE has strong administrative methods to establish and enforce support orders, and usually refers cases for court action only when those administrative methods have been unsuccessful. Certain situations, such as those involving minor fathers, must be referred for court action. Generally, for the purposes of enforcing orders when administrative enforcement is unsuccessful, cases are referred for court action when support is past-due for more than 90 days and the arrears are at least $500.
    • Criminal Prosecution – If the court decides the non-custodial parent could pay some or all of the amount owed, the payer can be held in contempt. Penalties for contempt may include any of the enforcement methods listed above (like suspending a driver’s license), plus fines, jail time, and other penalties. Additionally, the non-paying can be charged with a misdemeanor or felony and face jail or prison time.
    • May 09, 2019 Update – A judge remanded Danny Boice to Jail, pending a May 20th hearing where he is to submit a plan to make good on his lapsed child support. Presented in evidence was an email from Danny to his ex-wife saying, “I’d rather go to jail than pay you a dime.” The judge gave Danny Boice his wish.
  • Jennifer Mellon – Trying to pretend she knew nothing about the company she “founded.” She was a company officer and a board member and she is trying to avoid prosecution by pretending she didn’t know that a company can’t take in $1 Million a year in revenue and while the company spent millions on her Private Jet Vacations, Maid, Nanny, Grounds Keeper, Chauffer. The company paid her and her future ex-husband $600 thousand in salary. Also still wondering why Danny Boice transferred their beach house to her for $1 (see post). Meanwhile, many folks are wondering how a woman who is involved in over 5 cases of fraud, embezzlement, non-payment of fees to landlords, attornies, PR firms, employees, private investigators, and others could get a job as a presidential appointee, confidential assistant to Neil Chatterjee, FERC Commissioner.
  • Ram Reddy – Ram the former, “Richest Indian in America,” is the former Chairman of the Board of Communiclique. Hey Communiclique Trustee, if you’re looking for assets, I’m told this guy owns, The Bellevue Conference.
  • Matthew Pugsley and Chalant Health – Old Matt, took a job and stopped raising money for a while… but he’s back. So be careful Angel Investors… Chalant Health is a poor mans Trustify scam which is a poor mans Communiclique.
  • Tim LeeFormer CFO of Communiclique and former self-proclaimed “VC” at Sabotage VC is laying low in hiding… trying to not be wounded by any Andy Powers collateral damage.  Oh, and I forgot he’s a former Merril Lynch Chai Boy who lies on his resume that he was a VP… he was a minor player.
  • Robert KatzThe blind Visionary is still stiffing people… he’s still a crook.

DCTech Startup Crime Update – More Lying Buffoon Then Criminal

  • Jonathon Perrelli – Good news for JP. He’s still a clown pretender of a VC who made some of the stupidest investments on earth, including MonthsOfMe, HugeFan (my bad, I did too) Handpressions, Cont3nt.com, Speek, TrendPo, and LifeFuels. He never met his mandatory reporting requirements to his LPs and yet in his defense, he did pick a winner in the form of Social Tables, which gave a positive return for all the losers in the fund and now he has a second winner… Venga… Kudos to the Venga team. JP, you’re a shitty VC but you’re a better VC than an entrepreneurial founding CEO.
  • LIfeFuels – Is still a joke without a product, without revenue, and without adult supervision.
  • Jason Feimster and 3Si Holdings – He’s still around and still a clown. No Change

DCTech Startup Crime Update – Need More Information and Leads

These guys are not necessarily nefarious… just checking.

  • Akonni Biosystems – Charles Daitch and Lawrence Firestone of Akonni have paid themselves pretty well while drawing down a reported $55 million in Angel and Venture Capital investments. After 9 years, the company has still not successfully completed the FDA approval process and may never get there. Today, the guys are broke and raising money. According to my sources, the company is blackmailing past investors saying if they don’t participate in a new round, they will be washed out of any returns… if there are any returns. It’s like a typical mob shakedown.
  • Who else should I be looking into – what advisors have you met at the University of Maryland who have conflicting interests? Is there anyone who posses as an advisor that tries to co-opt your company and/or technology into yours? Are there people who posed as investors and then pitched you on buying marketing or other services from them?

Anyone who would like to share information on these or other crooked dealers, you can send me a note by pressing this little green button here: 

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