#DCTech Folks First Tweets

Twitter was founded 8 years ago in March of 2006. Today, they’ve changed the way the world communicates but early tweets from folks in DC Tech don’t quite predict how much this tool would change the world.  Here are some of DC Tech stars first tweets.

— Peter Corbett ✈ (@corbett3000) April 5, 2007

And the world was never the same again.

And Coors Lite is no substitute for Beer.

Seemed like that worked out pretty well

— Jonathon Perrelli (@perrelli) October 28, 2007

Come on JP, you are the wow factor!

That explains everything! And Bisnow hits twitter years before WashPo and WBJ

What was the topic, Michael?

I’m sure their investors are happy you set up Twitter.

And is that about the time Old Mitch McConnel declared President Obama would be a one-term president. #McConnelFail

Why New Atlantic Doesn’t Invest in Weather Apps

Still working on it.

Was it worth it Mel?

And Overly scoops Flook by one day!

While one day later than rival Overly, Flook jumps right into business with no preamble.

Supporting women in startups then and now.

He was so young back then he hadn’t yet been authorized to go all caps!

No better place to unfry a brain than the watering holes of Arlington.  Which bar did you hit?