DCs Mr Cranky

Why Do They Call Me DC’s Mr Cranky?

DC’s Mr Cranky? Tonight, for the umpteenth time I was introduced as DC’s Mr Cranky. Tonight, folks continuously asked, “Why Mr Cranky?” I obviously wasn’t amongst my base. They didn’t know me. So I thought today, I’d explain to the world… Why Mr Cranky.

Lately there’s a lot of talk about Fake News. People read this stuff and believe it without asking why. In my day, in high school in the 60’s, while Nixon was impeached, my generation grew up not trusting “The MAN.” Asking questions. Calling BS on BS.

When I began my startup career, I was surrounded by Vietnam era veterans who’d been screwed over by “The Man.” Everyone asked questions. Everyone challenged “conventional thinking. Somethings…. not everything, was awesome. Nobody tried to tell us that dog poop was awesome. We wouldn’t buy that crap.We didn’t accept everything we read and we didn’t love everything or everyone. We loved on awesome and we hated on crap.

Today…. well up until the last inauguration, before the poop hit the fan, everything was awesome. Just like this video:


Now I did 15 years in startups, and then 10 doing startup turn-arounds for private equity investors. You know what you learn doing turn-arounds? Very few things are awesome. In fact things were so un-awesome I switched careers from a turn-around guy to an executive coach… or Chief Turn-Around Prevention Officer (CTPO).

To help build my reputation I started writing for Tech Cocktail (now Tech.co I stopped writing for them about 5 years ago). At Tech.co, I was asked to write stories about stupid companies and asked to say how awesome they were. Because Tech.co, like most of the tech press stays away from controversy. Now I don’t mean to just be singling out Tech.co. It’s not just them. This is a standard for most of the Tech Press. The Tech press are the originators of  Fake News.

Most tech press editors want everything to be Awesome. I refused to write fake news. So I stopped writing about unawesome fake-awesome companies like Trustify and started writing stories about the state of startups and lessons learned. Sometimes I’d try and sneak in some Cranky. As time went on I started getting more push back when  I asked tough questions, or wouldn’t just rewrite a company’s bogus press releases. I got tired of fighting. I stopped writing for others and started just posting on my own blog.

Hey folks. everything isn’t awesome. Some things are. Yet when we say all things are awesome prospective gets lost. Real awesome is cheated and real trash is glorified. Newbies who didn’t grow up in the 60’s and trust “The Man” are mislead. Which leads to more bad stuff. Fake companies, fake heroes, fake wins, fake news, no learning. After this election, we see how toxic fake news can be.

Why DC’s Mr Cranky?

I’m not Cranky, I just play DC’s Mr Cranky on TV or the internet. I’m Mr Curious. Mr Seeker of Truth and Facts and if you don’t like the facts… I’m DC’s Mr Cranky. Because everything is awesome ain’t a fact… it’s an alternate fact. It’s fake news and the fake news of the Tech Press has leaked into the real world. Lately laziness and lack of curiosity… accepting everything on its face has seeped into the real world. Hey in the real world..everything ain’t awesome either… unless you get your news from Brietbart. Than after this last innauguration…everything got awesomer.