DC VC vs CB Insights Map

DC VC vs CB Insights – Fake News

DC VC vs CB Insights. That’s today’s story. Why is it that there are so few sources of real facts in the Startup World. CB Insights is a company that tries to sell and monetize data displays their total lack of understanding of data. They serve Data without Insight. Is CB Insights an arm of the Russian Government hired to distribute fake news? Data without wisdom is worthless. Smoke Crazed Butt Monkey

Give a list of tables and data to this little monkey here and he will derive the same value from CB INsights list of Most Active VCs in Each State as a founder looking to raise money in DC. It’s worthless to both. What should people do with a list that says a company that has not made a legitimate new investment in 3 years and has no office in DC or anywhere else for that matter do with this information? I guess this is the danger of small numbers… a blip can screw up the data. The fact that there are only 2 real VCs in DC may be the problem.

In Washington DC proper, there are very few legitimate VCs and Fortify VC isn’t any of the them. Fortify hasn’t made a new investment since 2014, unless you count an investment in LifeFuels, run by Fortify founder and General Partner, Jonathon Perrelli. Yet CB Insights goes blind to facts and reports Fortify as the most active investor in DC during the time period 2012 – 2017 (see the report). Now besides the fact that Fortify doesn’t have an office in DC and they haven’t made any new investments… if you ignore those facts, if you think gravity is not a thing, they just might be the most active VC in DC…

…if you ignore the fact that there are real VCs who are active and do make significant multi-million dollar new investments. Who are they, ask you?

  • Core Capital, located at 1717 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006, which last time I looked was in Washington. Core is active but try and fly under the radar screen…. sorry Mark Levice and Pasca Luck… didn’t mean to out you two. I’m just using you guys as pawns in my attempt to make a point.
  • Revolution, a little company with ass loads of cash under management, located at 1717 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036 which according to Google Maps is located in Washington DC.

Want some facts? Here’s a Fact…. Fortify Ventures is a Zombie fund… out of cash (see post). Fortify has invested less than $5 million dollars in the 3 or 4 years they were making investments. Many of those investments are $25 thousand. That’s not an investment, that’s a PR expense.

Perhaps Fortify, who at one time was located in DC made more investments than the other 2 VCs in DC… but Core and Revolution have written single checks on a single investment larger than Fortify’s total capital invested.

I may suck at grammar and spelling and get a fact wrong once in a while… but this blog is free so you get what you pay for…. CB insights…. not so much.  By the way, if you want bad data and good grammar, I’d be willing to offer that product for $3000 per year!