DC Business Tech Online Reading List

Check out these blogs, newsletters and resources to keep up to date on the DC Startup and Tech Scene. They are ranked by their Alexa Global Ranking.

Item Alexa Rank Link
Facebook DC Tech 2 http://www.facebook.com/groups/washdctech/ Justin Thorpe’s Moderated Facebook Group
Capital Business 340 http://www.washingtonpost.com/capital_business Steven Overly and Other Washington Post Staffers
Wash Biz Journal 1,856 http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/ Bill Flook makes this mostly Real Estate focused journal relevant to DC Tech.
Tech Cocktail 27,923 http://www.techcocktail.com National Tech Blog HQd in DC
InTheCapital 219,827 http://inthecapital.com/ In The Capital
Tech Biznow 322,442 http://www.bisnow.com Local Tech primarily Government Tech
Forward Thinking 380,900 http://www.drivenforward.com/blog Driven Forward’s blog by me, Glen Hellman
iStrategyLabs 468,850 http://istrategylabs.com/blog/ Peter Corbett and Crew’s Blog
Sisarina 801,588 http://sisarina.com/blog Melanie Spring and the Sisarina crew.
New Atlantic Ventures 964,261 http://navfund.com/ John Backus and the NAV Team’s blog
FAKEGRIMLOCK 978,371 http://www.fakegrimlock.com DC’s own treasure FAKEGRIMLOCK
Social Matchbox 1,080,381 http://socialmatchbox.com/wp/ Robert Neelbauer’s Mobile Tech blog
Foster.ly 1,240,942 http://foster.ly/ Blogs by the Adam Zuckerman’s Foster.ly crew
Potomac Tech Wire 1,650,527 http://www.potomactechwire.com/ Paul Sherman’s daily newsletter of local Tech and VC happenings.
VC in DC 3,065,928 http://startups.typepad.com/ VC Grotech’s Don Rainey’s blog
Winning Ideas 3,747,781 http://tienwong.wordpress.com/ Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Tien Wong’s blog
Amplifier Ventures 4,028,429 http://www.amplifierventures.com/ Local VC Jonathan Aberman
DC Tech Events 5,083,913 http://www.dctechevents.com/ LA list of DC Tech Events
Drinking Oatmeal Stout 5,169,663 http://drinkingoatmealstout.com/ Local Technorati Justin Thorpe
Dingman Center 6,468,560 http://umddingman.wordpress.com/ Elana Fine, Dingman EIRs, Angels and Board Members blog
Cheeky Fresh 7,123,794 http://www.markdrapeau.com/ Microsoft’s Mark Drapeu
General Business DC Blogs of Interest  
CadreDC Blog 94,018 http://www.cadredc.com/blog/ Cadre’s Derek and Melanie Coburn’s blog about DC Busness and Business Networking
VistageDC Blog 2,706,646 http://dc.vistage.com/blog/ Peer Advisory Vistage’s Local business blog by local DC Chairs