Danny Boice Worst Wolf of Startupland

Danny Boice Worst Wolf of Startupland. It’s official. Danny Boice of Trustify is the 2017 Winner of  The Mr. Cranky First Annual Wolf of Startupland. Make no mistake, winner, in this case, means loser. The Academy Awards have their Oscar. The Worst Wolf of Startupland Awards has our Dookie! And the Dookie goes to Danny Boice Worst Wolf of Startupland who competed against 5 other accomplished liars, cheaters and scammers, including his wife and he easily bested them all.

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Stupid Investor Definition Danny Boice

  1. Danny Boice – Trustify – Slimeball lying scumbag who abandoned his wife for her friend, cheated on his wife, kids, and 2 previous employers. Today he is currently cheating investors and the IRS by using investor cash to fund his lavious lifestyle of the rich and famous. Yes, Danny Boice Worst Wolf of Startupland winner! Pictured above is the cover of Danny’s 2018 Christmas Cards. Best Danny Boice Article Here 
  2. Matthew Q. Pugsley – The only convicted Felon on the list, Mathew consistently stiffs vendors, attorneys, landlords and doesn’t pay his alimony or child support for his 4 kids. He reportedly owes $300 thousand to a vendor who helped him develop a product and lost a $100 Thousand judgment to an investor for using monies intended to grow his company for personal use. He’s currently raising money for a scam of a company. Hey, how could you expect a guy who grew up in the Adams Family to be normal? Best Pugsley Article Here 
  3. Jen Mellon – Was nosed out for second place by Matt Pugsley. It’s pretty safe to assume Danny Boice, her husband siphoned many votes from Jennifer. If Danny wasn’t on the list, she would have won hands down. She’s accomplished scum! Jenifer while married, had an affair with her friend’s husband, married him and yuppied him up so he doesn’t look so much like a headbanger. She ruthless, fires people if they don’t smile at her and speaks about her team as if they are meat… literally. Former friends who became Trustify employees say they were surprised when they went to work for her. They all assumed she was a sweetheart prior to working with her. After working at Trustify these former friends have nothing good to say about her. People who think they know her through casual contact respect her. People who know they know her loathe her. Most people who have worked with her will tell you she’s a lying, scheming, cut-throat selfish excuse for a human. Jenifer Curella Mellon is the kind of woman who will steal your 101 dalmatian puppies to make herself a nice coat. Best Mellon Blog Here Startup Douche evan burfield fail
  4. Evan Burfield – Not in the same class as the top three. Nor is he worse than Peter Noce, the most accomplished conman on the list. Perhaps Evan beat Noce because Noce has left town.  Evan is more of an embellisher of the truth, a transactional backstabbing social climber, and incompetent businessman with an enviable ability to eloquently say nothing using some of the most impressive vocabulary worls. I’m sure he was voted Talks Most says Least in High School. Evan will never screw you or F*&k you… because he hates one sylable words. Instead he’ll fornicate you! If you have nothing that Evan needs, you’ve probably never met him. If you had something he needed, you probably don’t have it any longer and you’ll never see him again. If you have something he needs and you haven’t met him yet… you will. Even Bob Douche’s Douchieness pales to Evan. Best Evan Burfield Post Here 
  5. Peter Noce – A career bambuzler. Sometimes he calls himself Jay Noce, sometimes Peter J Noce. He’s taken money from investors all over the world. He has left the DC Tech area for Charleston SC. A nice town made worse by his presence. Best Peter Noce Article Here 
  6. Jonathon Perrelli – Jonathon is like DC’s version of Yosemite Sam or some other looney toon character… fun to be around, fun to watch but you wouldn’t want to give him any money. Not money you needed anyway. You wouldn’t want to stake your career on him. You wouldn’t want to have on your resume… spent 2 years working for Wylie Coyote trying to capture a Road Runner and failed.  Best JP Article Here

All great candidates but there can only be one Danny Boice Worst Wolf of Startupland!

Danny Boice Worst Wolf of Startupland

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Danny Boice Worst Wolf of Startupland