Joanne Boice’s Case Against Danny Boice, Trustify

People ask me what Danny’s beef with his ex-wife has to do with the alleged fraud at Trustify. Here’s the thing. Danny has started a lawsuit against his wife but dropped it when he was ordered to comply with his ex-wife’s request for discovery. That discovery request asked for financial information on Danny Boice, Trustify and other information. Danny dropped the case, in my opinion in order to keep his financially cooked-books under wraps. His ex-wife, however, countersued and the court ordered that Danny produce the financials. Danny defied the court and still didn’t comply. What is Danny Boice hiding? Why has he gone from suing his ex-wife for full custody of his children to putting himself in jeopardy of losing any custody of his children?

For those of you interested in what’s happening with Danny Boice, Trustify. Months ago, he sued his ex-wife Joanne for full custody of their children. I believe Danny is using the cash from his investors to harass his ex-wife. It wasn’t bad enough that he cheated on her with her best friend. Abandoned her. Left her destitute by lying about his financial condition in order to pay a bare minimum of child support. He wanted to take her kids.

Many of you helped Joanne by donating to her gofundme. Today Joanne posted an update to the gofundme about Danny Boice, Trustify that should give Trustify investors pause. He has failed to comply with a court order to provide many documents including Trustify financials. What is he hiding? If you idiots who invested in this Criminal, Danny Boice, Trustify and his accomplice Jen Mellon in his criminal enterprise known as Trustify, aren’t demanding audited financials than you are complicit in his crimes! You proved that you invested because you are rank amateurs who should be fired by your Limited Partners. I’m talking to you:

Do you get what’s happening? Your boy, the clown in whom you invested, Danny Boice, Trustify is using Trustify money, the money you invested in a company that is failing, money that could be used to build a business, to sue his wife for sole custody of their children. Yet when he found that, he would have to provide information that would land him in jail for what seems to me could be embezzlement, wire fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, and tax fraud, he thought he’d just withdraw.  Oh, and now he’s been ordered to pay her court fees… probably with your money!

Does that not give you pause?

He didn’t count on his ex-wife counter suing for full custody on her own and not just walking away when Danny got spooked and dropped the case! Now he’s willing to risk contempt of court charges, and losing custody of his children as an alternative to transparency. Hey investors, Joanne Boice, is not wealthy, yet she has the balls to force Danny to open his books. You pusillanimous, gullible investors allow him to spend your money unchecked. You don’t demand independent audits or board oversite… you know the kind of thing intelligent investors demand.

Does that not prove that Danny Boice, Trustify is not only a criminal but he’s not very bright.

Check out the latest update from Joanne on her gofundme campaign to defend against Danny Boice of Trustify:

(Note: Joanne’s version does not name Danny Boice, or Jen Mellon or Trustify. I have added those terms. If I’ve changed the noun, I’ve highlighted it in blue).

Well, a lot has happened in the last few weeks so I wanted to take a moment to provide an update on the case. The good news is that it’s mostly good news! So here goes.

  1. In my last update, I mentioned there was a hearing scheduled for October 15th to argue the long list of objections to my requests for discovery production from Danny Boice, Trustify. We had that hearing and prevailed on 13 of their 15 objections! Danny Boice, Trustify was ordered to comply with the discovery requests and pay attorney’s fees related to that portion of discovery. Win for us!
  2. At the conclusion of that hearing, Danny Boice’s Trustify paid attorney withdrew from the case. Yes, he walked away from Danny Boice and Jen Mellon and is no longer representing him. Danny Boice is now handling his case “pro se”. Win for us! (Note: A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for his client and there is no bigger moronic fool than dumb Danny Boice, a college, flunk-out who pretends to be a Harvard educated gentleman (see link here)).
  3. Danny Boice failed to fully comply with the consent order they signed in September where they agreed to provide discovery responses as well as the order to respond to the objected items that we won at the hearing on October 15th. So we had to file ANOTHER motion to compel and go back to court November 2nd. Danny Boice and Jen Mellon of Trustify didn’t show up and the judge hit him hard this time with sanctions… The judge’s order stated “The Defendant is precluded from presenting any evidence at trial”! The judge was reluctant to impose such harsh sanctions until he was reminded that Danny Boice, Trustify was the one who started this by filing for sole custody in the first place and now refuses to comply and play by the rules. This is huge for us as Danny Boice cannot present any evidence or witnesses at trial – making it a one-sided case. HUGE win for us!
  4. There was another (mandatory) pre-trial conference on Nov 5th, but after prevailing in all the previous hearings and since, once again, Danny Boice and Jen Mellon didn’t show up, there wasn’t much to be done at this one. The judge was informed that at this point, Danny Boice, Trustigfy hasn’t shown up to a single hearing and didn’t respond either way to our proposed (sole-custody) settlement order – not a good impression. So, win for us!
  5. We also handed over another ~300 pages of discovery documents on Monday. Mostly just updating what we previously provided and adding recent emails and text messages that reflect the ongoing lack of co-parenting and civility on a day-to-day basis. At a minimum, it’s a reminder to Danny Boice that we’re still fighting and working hard on this.

The bottom-line is that I’m more confident than ever and couldn’t be more relieved and excited about how well things have (finally) gone for us! My sense is that he knows he’s lost and has given up on the case but will not make it easy by signing the documents to avoid trial – he’d rather drag it out, run up my legal expenses ($20k and climbing) and make it as difficult as he can. That’s OK, no price is too high for this and we’re still working every day to prepare for trial and present the strongest case possible. I’m not taking anything for granted and plan to keep fighting this through to the very end.

I couldn’t have made it this far without all the assistance and support from so many friends, family and caring strangers. I’ll never be able to convey how much that has mattered and what it means to me. I will forever feel the impact of your generosity and know that I will someday pay it forward!

25 days to go!

Help spread the word!

Based on that, I’d say this video would be more accurate if it touted Joane’s services to fight child custody.


UPDATE December 3, 2018: Today, instead of having to suffer the scrutiny of the open court, Danny Boice signed an agreement to give full legal custody to his ex-wife Joanne. The long nightmare is almost over for Joanne. Almost a year ago Danny sued Jo, for full custody, claiming she was an unfit mother. Joanne counter-sued. Danny dropped the case when he found he had to provide Trustify financials as part of the discovery process. 

Joanne, tired of being bullied by Boice and concerned about Danny’s mental state and fitness as a parent, conitnued with her suit. Danny was sanctioned for still not complying with the court order to provide Trustify financials. Eventually he caved and signed an order.

Yet it sisn’t over… because in January, there will be a court date to set child support. As of today, Danny has late with and has yet to pay his November child support.

Want more background on Danny Boice and Trustify?

  1. He was fired from The College Board for embezzlement, as a VP, he hired outside contractors with The College Board funding to work on an outside startup called Comunniclique (DBA CliqueAPI – Check out the news of Comunnicliqe’s criminal activity prosecuted by Virginia) owned by Danny Boice and Andy Powers. The College Board also found he had lied about being a Harvard Graduate. (See the College Board Manifesto)
  2. He was fired from his own Startup Speek after disappearing for several days on a bender in Las Vegas and returning after spending $40,000 of the companies money. Speek raised $8 million dollars from investors and was sold (an acquihire) for $150. Investors did not receive a penny.
  3. Trustify is banned from doing business in multiple jurisdictions including its home state, the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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