Danny Boice and Trustify Evicted

Danny Boice and Jenifer Mellon are going off the rails… first, the phones were turned off, now Trustify Evicted! January 31, 2019, Arlington Court decided in favor of the plaintiff CESC Gateway/Square LLC, a subsidiary of JBG Smith.

Notice that Danny did not have an attorney representing him in this case? That’s because he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to past attorneys.

The court authorized the eviction of Trustify. On April 11, the court will hear JBG Smith’s complaint to garnish the $205 thousand dollars Trustify owes to JBG Smith from two of Trustify’s Banks, Silicon Valley Bank, and The Bankcorp Bank. Yup… Danny Boice and Trustify Evicted.

Add this to the Trustify and Danny Boice’s woes over the last six months, the list is devastating.

  1. March 2019 – Court date for garnishment of over $260,000
  2. March 2019 – Danny Boice goes over the $10,000 in arrears mark in back child support. That’s a felony.
  3. January 2019 – Trustify Evicted. The company owes $57,829.50 in attorney fees and $205,648.21 in back rent.
  4. January 2019 – The Loudon County Court system is attempting to get this deadbeat dad to bay over $50K in back child support and legal fees
  5. January 2019 – Negative Glassdoor Reviews Pile-Up to new lows
  6. January 2019 – 8 Former Employees sue for $35,000 in back wages
  7. December 2018 – Trustify retroactive Co-Founder, and Danny Boice’s wife, Jen Mellon leaves Danny and the Company after a reported altercation where it is alleged that Danny struck Mellon
  8. December 2018 – Damaging article about Danny Boice Trustify appears in the Washingtonian
  9. November 2018 – Dini von Mueffling Communications LLC sues for $240 thousand
  10. November 2018 – Phone for Trustify are terminated
  11. November 2018 – In a not surprising turn of events, Danny Boice who originally sued his ex-wife, Joanne for full custody of their 2 children signs an out of court agreement awarding full custody to Joanne.
  12. November 2018 – Court sanctions Danny Boice for failing to comply with court-ordered discovery documents including tax information and company accounting books.

For those of you who need to visit the Trustify headquarters, the new headquarters is located in a shopping cart and tent under the route 1, 495 underpass in Alexandria.