The Definition of Transactional – DK Tenant Rep

Warning to all commercial landlords, according to DK, he isn’t a landlord so he doesn’t care if you get paid!

In October, I spied a post on social media from DK about the great deal he got for one of his clients. His clients, in this case, were a cruel, crooked, wicked couple. If you read any of my posts, you might know them, Danny Boice and Jen Mellon of Trustify. If you haven’t heard of these two and their dumpster fire of company, Trustify, just check out these Glassdoor reviews.

In typical Mr. Cranky, delicate and sensitive style, I replied to his LinkedIn post on the Trustify Subject. I highlighted many of the problems with the company. Then Mr K contacted me on LinkedIn and respectfully asked me to remove my comment. And I did. See the transcript of the interchange below.

October 30, 2018
 5:30 PM

Connecting re: comments
Hi Glen,

Hope all is well – looks like we know a lot of the same people.

FYI, I work hard at what I do and getting exposure is important to building our brand as a business. While I absolutely respect your dislike of Danny/Jen at Trustify, and perhaps you all have some history, I’d like to ask that you remove your post from my LinkedIn – perhaps share a post that expresses that on your LinkedIn timeline so people are made aware, I just prefer not to be involved or associated with the “beef” you have with them.

Much appreciated!


Glen Hellman 5:44 PM
That’s funny that you call theft a beef. I have a beef with criminals. It’s not personal. It’s based on facts. I will take it off. But I’ll also make you a bet. $100. In two years, Danny will be in jail.

DK 6:06 PM
I appreciate the perspective and understand there are articles that don’t shine the best light on them. I don’t know what’s true and what isn’t, but I also stay away from all of it and want to avoid being associated with anything negative as we try to market ourselves and our work on social media outlets.

Okay, so that made it obvious to me that DK would rent anything to anyone as long as there were enough nickels in the deal. By the way, even though DK was not embarrassed to be associated with Danny Boice, Jen Mellon, and Trustify, Arlington Magazine, you know the magazine Mr. K quoted above was embarrassed enough to be promoting a deadbeat tenant they removed the article (see non post).

Trustify has missed payments to many employees and private investigators. Personally, Danny Boice is in arrears on his child support payments. He’s a deadbeat tenant and a deadbeat dad.

In a January 3, 2019 article, Andy Medici of the Washington Business Journal reported that the company owes money to:

  • District law firm Buckley Sandler LLP
  • Security firm Kastle Systems
  • Trustify’s landlord, JBG Smith Properties Inc.

There is a $240,0000 lawsuit against the company for damages and unpaid bills by New York public affairs firm, Dini von Mueffling.

So today, I was going through old messages on LinkedIn and stumbled across the exchange. Knowing how Trustify has disintegrated, I figured I’d check in with my old bud, DK. I wondered if he cared that his client is not paying rent? That conversation went like this:

January 2, 2019
Glen Hellman
3:58 PM
How things going? Word is Trustify is not paying rent? How’s that working out for you?

DL 3:59 PM
I’m not a landlord, so I don’t care. You don’t have other things to do? 🙂

And Then DK went totally transactional on me. This guy who acted so polite and respectful when he wanted me to remove a post, blocked me. So I’ll have to imagine how the rest of the conversation went.

Imaginary Me: Wait, let me get this straight… you got paid a commission by the landlord for getting Trustify to rent this space?

Imaginary DK: Yes, and it was a sweet commission because rent was $24,000 per month. It was so good, I put a down payment on a BMW 3 series. I’m not some dumb ass like you.

Imaginary Me: And you don’t care that the people who paid your commission aren’t getting paid?

Imaginary DK: Why would I care?  I got my money. Only an old fart like you gives a crap about what’s right and wrong.

Imaginary Me: You weren’t this nasty last time we chatted?

Imaginary DK: I needed you then. Now you’re just an irritant. Don’t you have anything better to do?

Imaginary Me: Actually no I don’t, but thank you for writing my next blog post for me.

Got that, property managers? DK is not a landlord, he’s been paid his commission and he doesn’t care that you’re not getting paid. And that my friends, is the definition of a Transactional Person Apparently, Mr. K’s tone changes depending on if you can help him buy a shiny new Rolex or if you’re just a schmoo who can’t offer him anyting… DK, do you think there might have been a better way to handle this besides just blocking me?

Maybe he’ll learn something from this that he didn’t learn from his privileged Potomac upbringing. These two posts might help him too but I doubt it.

Update January 5, 2019Guess who unblocked me and all of a sudden illustrated the very definition of Transactionality? Yes today, DK, sent me the following LinkedIn message.

Hi Glen,

happy new year to you.

Someone forwarded me your blog today and I was unhappy to see that I was named in the blog with remarks about how I do my job. Over the years, I’ve worked extremely hard to keep a clean reputation, doing things the right way, advising and supporting local small businesses (like you say in your DrivenForward description, it can feel isolated – I like to help CEO’s of startups feel like they have someone they can lean on) and just a few years ago, started my own business. Not an easy task.

A few years ago, I was introduced to Danny B. I knew nothing about him except that he needed some help finding space for the 30-40 people he had on his staff. I thought the company concept was unique and given the short time frame that he needed the space, I immediately hit the ground running on his requirement. Until the articles came out that he was behind on bills, I didn’t actually know it.

Our company represents tenants – essentially a buyers broker – so similar to how a residential agent wouldn’t know if a buyer they represented didn’t pay their mortgage … same situation here.

I have an INCREDIBLE amount of respect for JBG and am in fact disappointed to hear that they invested capital to make Danny’s space pretty ‘cool’ (by way of the tenant improvement allowance that we had negotiated as part of their lease), and now are not seeing the benefits of that investment – I’d never wish that on anyone and I do care that every Landlord we do business with, is compensated for their investment in any tenant (represented by us or not). [Author’s Note – Doesn’t sound like that was the message you conveyed in message exchange below]

Glen, everyone is entitled to their voice and I respect that you’ve created a well-established blog. I haven’t done anything wrong here and if you felt I was “nasty” to you, my apologies – text vs. voice communication can be misheard or mis-communicated. This blog is likely going to create a ripple effect not only with my own business and everything I’ve tried to build over the last decade or so, but will also affect my colleagues, relationships and MOST importantly, my family.

Again, I respect that you disagree with Danny’s actions – based on what I’ve read, I wouldn’t necessarily condone it either. But, I would really appreciate if you’d take that post down. I work really hard to support my family and maintain strong ethics – I have not done anything wrong here and hope you’ll understand and give me this one-time “pass”, understanding my position.

Thank you for illustrating my point! That’s the very definition of transactional. Someone who treats people he needs with respect and pays no attention to those he perceives can provide no value. A regular Jekyll and Hyde. Mr. Nicey Nicey suck-up to “I’m not a landlord so I don’t care. You don’t have other things to do?”

No, I don’t, douchenozzle, so put on your big boy pants and stop whining.

Update: March 1, 2019 – Trustify was evicted from the office in January and the landlord, JBG Smith won a $250,000 judgment against Danny Boice and Trustify. Nice work DK!

Update: April 20, 2019 – While attending a conference, a former colleague of DK’s came up to me and thanked me for this article. He told me I had perfectly described DK. He also said that DK’s partners at The Tennant Agency now refer to DC as Douchenozzle… that’s when you know you’re doing good work!

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