Communiclique’s Andy Powers Thinks He’s Tinkerbell

Communiclique (AKA Clique, CliqueAPI) is dead. A judge declared it so (see post). Like the story of Peter Pan, Communiclique was always a fantasy story. Now, that the story has ended, Andy Powers keeps putting out press releases in an attempt to convince potential investors that Communiclique exists and Andy is a businessman instead of a common criminal.

Remember that part of Peter Pan where Peter implores anyone who will listen to declare their belief in fairies? That was the only way to bring Tinkerbell to come back to life. Andy Powers thinks he’s Tinkerbell and if he keeps asking for applause his company will not die and he will not find himself in Prison. Andy thinks he’s a Fairy and he needs an audience to show they believe in fairies.

Now before I go on, I want to give a message to Andy Powers children’s classmates. I hear that you are teasing his kids mercilessly because of the crimes of the father. I know you kids are reading this. Please lay off. The Powers kids are not guilty of the crimes of the father. In fact, they are innocent victims. Help them don’t hurt them. Show that you have compassion. Now back to Andy Tinkerbell Powers.

Just a few days after a Bankruptcy Judge declared Communiclique Bankrupt and found that Andy Powers had attempted to defraud the court with forged evidence. Andy self-published on a disreputable “news site,” that allows companies to self-report news (Pictured below you can see the article here). By the way, it’s free, which is a good thing for finanially strapped Powers. The article is basically a Fairytale.

This article was allegedly written by a Senior Journalist, Alex Hamilton, who looks pretty similar to a male model who can be found in stock photos, referred to as Handsome 26 Year Old. This is what shows up from an image search.

A little research and I found there are three authors at (N)ewsWire with the same photo and one of them is me!

Because this site lets anyone set up a profile and write stuff! It’s possible for a scammer like me to write something like this:

Here’s the deal folks.  Andy Powers is defending himself from being evicted in his $35 thousand dollar a month LA rental home for none payment… Hey Andy? Tinkerbell pays her rent (see the article about the home here and see the request for eviction for non-payment here). His company is Bankrupt. Two courts, one in Virginia and one in Deleware found multiple cases of Fraud and Forgeries, including,  a fraudulent valuation from an investment bank, fraudulent invoices, fraudulent payment statements. Andy Tinkerbell Powers is a thief, an embezzler, a forger, a bamboozler and that’s his strong points.

On April 3, 2019, he published a press release that Communiclique  announced that Communiclique:

“has been selected as the exclusive communications provider for the Workout With Me application. Workout With Me is launching later this year and is currently working to connect with trainers that will engage with the company as contractors to remotely train its clients.”

A simple WhoIs Search of workoutwith me reveals that Andy purchased the URL on April 4th. This guy would lie if the truth sounded better.

So yes… Tinkerbell is dying and no matter how much Andy tries to convince the world that his company is still alive it’s not. Andy “Tinkerbell” Powers is not coming back and the Communique Fairytale is over and in the version, everyone loses.  Maybe Andy can play Peter Pan in the next Federal Prison Production of Peter Pan.