Communiclique’s Andy Powers Once Again Doesn’t Disappoint

(September 13, 2019) If you took the 50 to 1 Vegas odds against Andy Powers showing up in court today with his new attorney, you would have been sorely disappointed. Vegas made the right call. If you are new to this case you can catch up on what you missed here. Okay? Everyone up to speed now? You get the idea, right? Andy Powers has been trying to delay this thing and string it out… he’s a bad boy who wants to delay his start date working on a chain gang.

Powers first delayed the arraignment by entering into bad faith plea bargaining. In what should have been 2 court sessions, Powers has delayed, obfuscated, and wasted taxpayer money to the tune of four court sessions. Instead of one arraignment and one case review we’ve had 2 arraignments. During the first attempt at an arraignment on August 2nd, Powers asked for a delay because he was going to hire a new attorney and that would be done in two weeks, the judge granted a two-week delay on the arraignment (See post arraignment #1 ).

The second and actual arraignment took place two weeks later on August 18th… Powers still hadn’t hired his mythic new attorney and the judge said… “Tough luck. We’re moving forward (See Post arraignment #2).” The judge then scheduled a case review for September 6th so Powers’s new attorney could be there and set the trial date for December 16. Powers assured the judge he’d have an attorney hired by then.

Last week at the 1st case review… guess what? No new attorney, although Powers said he identified an attorney in LA that will represent him as soon as he finds a way to pay him. Andy is coming to grips with a new fact… some attorney’s want to get paid. You see Andy isn’t used to actually paying for service. He lives in a $35 thousand dollar a month home and doesn’t pay rent (see post). He’s stiffed multiple employees vendors and contractors. I guess he thinks he can hire an attorney the same way Wimpy of the Popeye cartoons buys hamburgers. You know the guy who says I’d gladly pay you on Wednesday for a hamburger today.

After delaying the arraignment by pretending to negotiate a plea deal, Andy’s been trying to delay his court date by pretending he’s going to obtain the services of a private attorney and dismiss his perfectly competent court-appointed public defender. You know the attorney that we taxpayers are paying for as Andy wastes the courts time with his silly games. If Andy had his way this case would be proceeding at the pace of a snail racing up a down escalator. Fortunately, Judge Alston is not playing along. This Judge has made it clear that the trial will proceed on December 16th at 9 AM. The judge sternly warned Powers that if he switches attorney’s this court will not tolerate a delay in the off chance Andy’s fabled private attorney actually is engaged and claims he needs time to be brought up to speed.

So this brings us to today’s case review. Eugene Gorokhov of Eugene Gorokhov, powers court-appointed public defender is seated in the back of the room. Slumped down in his seat. A good guy, not happy to be here representing a scumbag. Andy Powers is sitting with all his good friends… he’s alone. There are three matters today before Judge Alston, the Powers case will be the last.

If a man is entitled to a Jury of his Peers, these first cases certainly qualify for the Powers jury.

The first case is the arraignment of John Royal and James Binney. Binney is brought in the courtroom by marshals wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. He sits directly in front of Powers, which is good. It’s like a fashion show for Powers. This is the outfit he’ll be wearing for the next decade (Here’s some information on Royal and Binney). This is a fraud case, Binney is already serving time in Virginia on an unrelated conviction.

The next case is a grandfather, Mr. Russel. This matter is to add new conditions to the man’s probation. The terms? He’s not allowed to have a computer or phone with internet access. He’s not allowed to be in possession of pornography of any type, child pornography or adult. He is not allowed to be in the company of a minor, including his grandchildren unless it is supervised and approved by his probation officer.

So yes… Andy Powers shares this courthouse with his type of people.

Then it’s time for Andy’s case. “Mr.” Powers explains to the judge that he is still struggling to find a way to pay a private attorney but assures the judge he’ll have this done by next week. He has identified the Attorney in LA and Dixon Young, will be the attorney who is a member of the Virginia Bar working with the LA attorney. So Andy, who is supposedly broke, is going to pay an attorney from California to fly back and forth across the county to represent him and pay Dixon Young because the California attorney can’t practice in Virginia without co-counsel. I don’t know how much the CA attorney charges but Dixon’s rates are listed at from $450 – 650 per hour. Where’s that money coming from?

The judge sets a new date for the case review.  It will be next Friday, September 20, 2019, at 11 AM. For the 3rd time, Andy Powers assures the judge his new attorney will be hired before then. The Judge, assures Powers that he doesn’t give a shit. Powers already has a competent attorney, Mr. Gorokhov and the trial will start precisely at 9 AM on December 16th, with or without Powers new attorney.

Gorokhov informs the judge that he will be asking the public defenderes office for a second attorney to assist him because this is a complicated case. Everyone leaves the room, knowing that Powers will not have a new attorney on Friday.

As we all leave the courtroom and walk to the Elevator… Jack Hanly, the prosecutor, Gorokhov and I enter the elevator… Andy starts to get on the elevator but decides to take the next one.

In Bankruptcy News

There was action in Deleware Bankruptcy Court this week. The Trustee has asked for an extension to gain a list of all interested parties, creditors owed money by Powers and Communiclique. Powers counsel in the Chapter 7 case resigned and Powers is not responding to the court.

See the recently approved motion.