Communiclique In Court Update

Communiclique (aka clique, cliqueaPI)  is being sued by investors into bankruptcy.

This week in Deleware Court, a Judge met with a representative of investors and Andy Power’s attorney. I’m told that Power’s attorney was as well prepared as Andy Powers is honest. One of this clown’s claims was Communiclique (aka Clique, CliqueAP, Dumpster Fire) has more than twelve creditors and therefore the company can’t be declared bankrupt. Folks, I actually ran a corporate governance advisory firm and I was unaware that bankruptcies are cheaper by the dozen. Fortunately the judge equally clueless of the baker’s dozen creditors bankruptcy inoculation act of 2019.

A frustrated judge, gave Powers until Monday, April 28, 2019, at 4 PM to prove that the steaming pile of poo he calls Clique was solvent. The likely action is that by 4 PM Monday, Communiclique will be declared bankrupt and the judge may allow the rest of the actions moved to California where the company of one is now headquartered.