Communiclique Bankruptcy (AKA: CliqueAPI)

Communiclique Bankruptcy? It looks like the investors believe a Communicliaque Bankruptcy is warranted.  On Friday, March 15, 2019, several investors petitioned a Deleware court to involuntarily take the company into Chapter 7, bankruptcy (see what a Virginia Court found about the fraud Andy Powers and his team perpetrated at Communicliqe).

The case was filed by Attorney Daniel A. O’Brien, of the firm Venable LLP, representing creditors/investors: Andrew and Jamie Schwartzberg, Keith Hladek, Stonehaven Capital, Erik Sachwitz, Philip Lowit, Adam Stern, Robert Mitchell Pons, and the Paitaridis Children Family Trust.

In one month, two of DC’s scummiest bags are being attacked and forced into bankruptcy by their investors. Danny Boice of Trustify (see article) and Andy Powers of Communiclique were litigated into bankruptcy when their investors finally had a moment of clarity and realized they had invested in sham fake bullshit Potemkin Village-esque companies


What does a Communiclique Bankruptcy have in common with Trustify’s Bankruptcy (check out the crime family post here)?

Andy Powers (kneeling) and Danny Boice all prison-tatted ready

    • Both companies were founded by criminals. Both Danny Boice and Andy Powers are pathological liars and crooks.
    • Both companies existed to take investor money and put it into the pockets to fund a high-life lifestyle of the criminal founders
    • Ram Reddy invested in both companies
    • Andy Powers owns Trustify stock and Danny Boice owns Coummiclique Stock
    • Had a common board member
    • Both of these scumbags have pre-prison tatted over 50% of their persons
    • Both worked with Tim Lee, another questionable character, running away from these burning turds as fast as he can.
    • Both companies are being hammered by lawsuits.
    • Both of the founders rented a house from Ram Reddy
    • Both Danny Boice and Andy Powers will likely be doing jail time. Danny has already done some.


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