Charitable? Not Jan Ridgely United Charitable CEO

(Post Updated February 22, 2018) Charity begins at home. That must be why Jan Ridgely, United Charitable CEO is so uncharitable when Jan Ridgely, United Charitable CEO has uncharitably attacked me and called me a liar.

Why doe she even care? First, she’s on the board of scam man Mathew Pugsley… and Mr. Cranky writes about the Pugster. But why does she care?

It’s because… it’s because… Well, Frau Blucher can say it better than I…


For those of you who can’t see the Video Link… link here!

It’s because like Fau Blucher… Matthew Q. Pugsley… convicted Felon… 2-time jailbird convict, professional evicted tenant and the cheater of investors is… wait for it… HER BOYFRIEND!

Or maybe it’s because Jan’s reputation is further tainted by being on the board of advisors of a company designed to raise money from investors who are told they’re investing in a company but who appear to be investing so Jan’s boyfriend can pay rent and not get evicted… again. Maybe it’s because I’m exposing Jan Ridgely as a person who is aiding and abetting fraud. OMG! He said fraud. And Jan Ridgely has staked her reputation and the reputation of her business, United Charitable on a connection with Chalant Health (Link here and see if you would risk your reputation on Chalant Health and Mattew Q. Pugsley).

The background… Mr. Cranky was going about doing his standard Mr. Cranky thing when some crazy lady started ranting on my LinkedIn page… calling me a liar and warning all people in my circle that I am Cranky and that I run a business! No…. please! Anything but a business.

The first thing she did was show up on LinkedIn after I had posted a warning about Challant Health… an obvious scam of a company raising money from foolish investors. Because we all know fools rush in, Mr. Cranky posted his usual, “Caution… slippery when wet,” sign in the form of this post… Link Here.

Then like a roach… when you turn on the lights… Jan showed up in my life. Here’s her comment on my post in LinkedIn:

Jan Ridgely United Charitble CEO, “I want everyone in Glen Hellman’s circles to know this man is a liar. He is fishing for clients, has no facts whatsoever, and is absolutely wrong. The Tower Club in Tysons needs to throw him out and anyone else who stalks people for their own selfish gain. Please be aware of the dangers of this man and anyone who posits opinion and conjecture as fact. You are a very bad person, Glen Hellman.”

So the back and forth with Jan Ridgely United Charitable CEO went something like this (Notice the Charitable nature and CEOishness of the discourse):

Mr Cranky: Please help me find where I lied?

Jan Ridgely United Charitable CEO: LIAR!

Mr Cranky: Yes but where did I lie?

Jan Ridgely United Charitable CEO: LIAR LIAR LIAR!

Mr Cranky: Well if you would tell me specifically where I lied and provide evidence that supports your assertion, I’d correct it.

Jan Ridgely United Charitable CEO: LIAR LIAR Your Pants Are On Fire!

Mr Cranky: But my nose is not hotter than a telephone wire.

The video below is a pretty accurate dramatization of the conversation:


Link Here If you can’t see the video

Now I know that every one of my reader (intentionally without an s) knows me pretty well. All of my reader knows my character. Yet I’m used to people unfamiliar with Mr Cranky getting riled up and spewing this kind of empty-can, trash talk all the time. In fact, sometimes I even get it from loser, ambulance chasing, trash-talking attornies representing self-described FlimFlam men.  So after realizing that Crazy Jan was not willing to provide proof and wanted blood instead of discourse, I just paid her the attention she was due. I forgot about her I just went about my day.

Then this clown (is a female clown a clowness?) started calling around trying to damage my professional relationships… Which would have been alright if my pants were on fire but I haven’t lost a pair of pants to arson since… well that’s another story that I’ll share with you later. For now, let’s just say it involved a bonfire and mass quantities of cheap beer and a gerbil.

Back to Jan. So then dopey, Jan Ridgely United Charitable CEO called people at the University of Maryland to ask them to disassociate from me for being cranky and accurate. She made other calls but unfortunately for her, she got no traction.

Now Jan, perhaps you’re just pissed-off because you always play second fiddle to Marsha.

The video below is a pretty accurate dramatization of Jan getting jealous of Marsha.


Link Here If You Don’t See The Video

Hey Jan… I’m Mr. Cranky. I’m not Mr. Cranky by accident. My friends, business associates, everyone who knows me knows I’m Cranky. They know I call bullshit on bullshit. They also know I have no problem apologizing when I’m wrong. They also know that I don’t lean back when some asshole tries to intimidate or bully me (wait did I just call Jan an asshole? That’s for you to decide). Any companies that associate their good names with my Mr. Cranky brand do so by choice. You aren’t telling them anything new. You’re not telling them anything they don’t already know. Your whining like a helicopter mom protecting their spoiled brat child (in this case Jan’s paramour, Matthew Q. Pugsley) is pointless. People also know I don’t lie. I don’t cheat and I don’t tolerate fools (wait did I just call Jan a fool… yup!).

Jan Ridgely… really? This is the guy you’re defending?

as of February 8, 2018

Let’s address Jan’s assertion:

  • Glen Hellman is a liar! – Document it. Prove it! Don’t lie about it. The people you’re talking to know me… they don’t know or trust you so help them see that I’m a liar… prove it!
  • Glen Hellman is Fishing For Clients – Yup! What’s your point?
  • Glen Hellman is Absolutely Wrong – Well every assertion I make about Challant Health is backed up with documentation. So nahhhh, He’s not wrong. Again, if he is… document it.
  • Glen Hellman Stalks People For Selfish Gain – Glen Hellman reports on scams protecting naive people from crooks and thieves. He risks idiots like Jan applying tortious interference with his business relationships. He risks lawsuits and worse of all he risks having bonehead losers comment on his LinkedIn post. So yes, Glen stalks schemers, scammers, and scumbags. Stalker… Guilty. But selfish? Tell that to the hundreds of people who I’ve helped? The hundreds that have thanked me.

Go ahead Jan. You can talk trash about me but you can’t trash me, only I can trash me. Any people who would buy your unsubstantiated allegations of lying… aren’t my friends, people I give a crap about or people I’d associate with anyway. You see the difference between you and me is I don’t want your respect, your recommendation and I cherish your attempts to sully my reputation. Anyone who would associate with, and knowingly defend a scum bag like your boyfriend is a scum bag in their own right. Your scorn is my badge of honor and I wear it proudly. That’s the cost and the benefits of being Cranky!

Now it’s my Turn Jan Ridgely United Charitable CEO

  • Since you have been unable to argue with my documented case that Matt Pugsley is a conman… yet you continue to attack me I can only ask this question. Are you stupid or are you a fellow grifter like Matt? Because if I’ve lied, you’d be able to say what lies I’ve said and offer proof that they to contradict what we both know is the truth.
  • Prior to being the CEO of United Charitable, you worked as a VP for your Daddy at National Heritage Foundation (NHF). NHF, is not to be confused with the Heritage Foundation which is a legitimate non-profit.  It is common for scammers to fake legitimacy by naming their scam enterprises so they sound familiar to unsuspecting targets. NHF was notorious for taking advantage of questionable loopholes in the law to gain tax breaks for its “donors.” This, as Forbes referred to it, controversial “charity” went bankrupt after losing a $6 million dollar lawsuit. Days prior to going bankrupt NHF transferred $1 million to a related Charity located at the same address, with overlapping officers and directors. There have also been charges of embezzlement of funds, for instance, $100k went missing. Jan, is your distinguished career at NHF what qualifies you to run a new Charitable Organization? Is it your inside knowledge of treachery and lies that qualifies you to judge others? What comments do you have regarding these articles?
  • Why don’t you list your time as a Vice President for the National Heritage Fund on your LinkedIn profile (see profile here)? Is it because it would make you look bad? Like a liar or a scammer? Most people list their prior jobs because it bolsters their credibility and yet you don’t list this position. Hmmmmmm. Why is that?
  • Why don’t you list yourself as a member of the Board of Advisors for Chalant Health on your LinkedIn profile? They list you on their website as you can see from this image in this blog post. Are you afraid it would further taint your reputation?
  • Why didn’t you say you were Matthew Q. Pugsley’s girlfriend and a member of the Chalant Advisory Board when you attacked me on linked in? Don’t you believe in transparency?
  • Why do none of the Charity Rating companies rate United Charitable? They rate all the legitimate Charities. Yet for instance, you didn’t even disclose the information to receive a rating. Let me just say this here… this makes me sad.
  • Did you intentionally name your “Charity,” United Charitable because it could be easily confused with United Ways? Did you learn that trick from National Heritage Foundation and how it was easily confused and legitimized in the minds of others because of the Heritage Fund?
  • Have you ever heard of the Streisand Effect and do you know how you have magnified attention on you and your boyfriend’s company? You go, girl!

For people entrusting money to Jan Ridgley, United Charitable CEO. Are you concerned that you are risking your money and reputation with a person who is so closely related to Matthew Pugsley? Pugsley is a person who has repeatedly financially betrayed associated and misused cash in which he was entrusted. Jan Ridgely defends him, sits on the board of his bogus company, and is romantically and no doubt financially entangled with this felon.

So Jan Ridgely United Charitable CEO… I anxiously await your well thought out, fact-based response… or just go ahead and keep screaming Liar. I know who I am. I think I know who you are too! As it stands… I would not ever entrust any money to your care based on your association with NHF and a convicted felon like Matthew Q. Pugsley.  But that’s just me.

One more thing Janet (is that what your mommy called you when she was angry?),  I hear there may be wedding bells in your future.  Is this how Matt asked you?

For those who don’t see the video Link Here

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