Chalant Health Leadership Turnover

Updated: January 12, 2018. In less than a month, Chalant Health Leadership Turnover has been more like a revolving door attacked by a tornado than that of a thriving business. In my Chalant Post on December 20th, the team page looked like this.

On January 4th the Team dropped from 8 people, including CEO, Founder, and FlimFlammer Mathew Q. Pugsley to 4 people counting Mr. Pugsley. Chalant Health Leadership Turnover is a problem… not the only problem… but a problem.

Were there layoffs? Did people realize they were damaging their reputations and ask to be removed? Did they hire lawyers and threaten to sue if their names were not removed.

Someone threatened to sue me if I didn’t remove her name from the people listed as advisory board members. After I stopped laughing at the threat, she moved to having someone I know persuade me to hide the facts. This lady realized how bad it looked to be associated with a sham. She wanted me to pretend she was not culpable. Ultimately I softened the tone and left her in the post.

Yet today only three people who are not Pugsley remain listed as officers. That’s a 50% cut in the executive team in 3 weeks.  The remaining survivors, or stragglers or asleep at the wheelers or heaven forbid the executive executve team members are:

  1. Rick Rose, Financial Director –His LinkedIn Profile says he hasn’t had a job since 2015. As I mentioned prior, I worked with this guy in the 1980s. I’m not surprised to find him associated with Matt Pugsley. His last Facebook post was in 2015. His wife’s page shows they celebrated 2018 New Years. He may just be off the grid and not realize he’s part of this scam or worse he does know.
  2. Joel Neaman, Chief Pharmacy Director – His LinkedIn Profile does not list Chalant and this guy hasn’t had a job since 2001. His last Facebook page lists him as retired. His wife’s Facebook page has a picture of the two of them Celebrating 2018 new years, so he’s alive. Further investigation and I found out that Joel is an investor and supporter of Chalant. I know many people who have been sucked into the Pugsley vortex and totally missed the facts. They take him at face value. Like most sociopaths, Matt Pugsley seems like a fine, earnest guy. Neaman seems to be a good guy. He is on the board of a charitable organization in Rockville Maryland, called the Progress Club Foundation. My guess is that Joel does not have a clue that he is the Chief Pharmacy Director of a scam.
  3. Mary Vogel, Chief Clinical Director – Her LinkedIn Profile does not list Chalant. She lists herself as a working for ReMax. She is currently active on Facebook.

Update January 12, 2018… the team just got smaller.

I have the following questions for the three non-pugsters “on the team.” Are you alive? Are you real people? Do you believe that people are judged by the people with whom they associate? Do you not know you’re listed? Have you ever heard of the internet? Would you like me to google your name for you? Does being on Chalant Health’s web page actually improve your reputation? You would more effectively improve your reputation if you said you worked for Danny Boice on his Trustify Dumpster fire. And saying you have been out of work for 10 years, or doing 10 years of hard time at Sing Sing Prison would be better for your reputation than admitting you worked for Chalant Health.

Then there’s the case of reputation minded, Carrie Rich, founder of the Global Good Fund. She is no longer listed as an Advisory Board Member on the Chalant site. She spent a lot of energy trying to scrub her name from my original Chalant Health Post. Today a simple google search finds over 20 listings where she cites her Advisory Board Membership as a badge of honor.  Let me google that for you. Still, some scrubbing to do there Carrie.

The lesson here… it takes a lifetime to build a reputation… it only a second to destroy your reputation. Manage, monitor and protect your reputation unless your Danny Boice, Jennifer Mellon, Mathew Pugsley or Peter Noce…. in that case…. fake it!

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