Chalant Health… Another One Bites The Dust

Updated March 12, 2018: Hmmmm Chalant Health seems a little less healthy each day. I just got off the phone with Janice Riley, the Manager of Technical Innovation Center at Hagerstown Community College. Janice Riley is listed as an advisor on Chalant’s Health website (as of today but probably not next week) She acknowledges that she met Matthew Pugsley, CEO of Chalant Health, but like so many of the people who were listed as executives on Pugsley’s team page (see this post, there were  7 Execs listed on January 7th and there are 3 listed today), she had no idea she was an advisor.

Chalant Health Advisors as of March 7, 2018

With the exception of Matt’s girlfriend and partner in crime in the scam known as Chalant Health, slimy Jan Ridgely (not to be confused with the extremely reputable Janice Riley), I assume all of the other folks listed as advisors are similar to Janice Riley… they don’t know they’re advisors.

Janice Riley, one of the Chalant Health None-Advisor Advisors, says she had talks with Matthew Pugsley regarding joining the company in an advisory capacity back in 2016… but nothing came of it. In addition, Chalant lists Janice’s Hagerstown address as one of Chalant’s four offices. Pugsley’s company has no office or relationship with the College. There is no Chalant Health at the Hagerstown address. Never has been… never will. It’s a scam and a sham to look legitimate and to try and get money investment money from TEDCO, the State of Maryland’s venture investment arm.

So when a mutual friend of Janice’s and mine informed her that she was hosting Chalant Health on her campus and that she was an advisor, she called me to assure me she and the College have no advisory relationship with Matthew Pugsley or crappy company. She met him and if that makes her an advisor then she’s an advisor. My advice to you Matt (which I guess qualifies me as an advisor to Chalant Health) is, get a real job, you lying scumbag.

For those of you keeping score at home of the Chalant Health addresses…

  1. Corporate Office – is a post office box
  2. Pittsburgh – is a parking garage
  3. Richmond – Who know’s but I’ll bet you if you email Chalant there you’ll get your letter back with an addressee unknown.
  4. Hagerstown – Is Hagerstown Community College and I have confirmed that there is no Chalant Health there.
  5. If you check the Virginia state corporation commission, the company is located at 9005 Southwick St, Fairfax VA 22031. Matthew lived there until he was evicted.
  6. If you check Chalant Health’s Facebook Page, you’ll find they are located at: 10449 White Granite Drive Oakton, Virginia 22124. That’s a different post office.
  7. Just three months ago, this address was listed as: 10449 White Granite Dr, Oakton, VA. Matt lived there but was evicted.

Got that seven offices for 1 employee and 2 of them are homes from which Pugsley was evicted. So one office and one advisor officially gone… another one bites the dust. I’m surprised they don’t have an office in Denmark because as Shakespeare once said, Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Update March 9, 2018: According to General DaleMeyrrose, “I haven’t communicated with him (Pugsley) in years. Haven’t signed anything or given any money.” Sounds like an advisor to me!

Update March 12, 2018: And I get confirmation from another “Advisor” Barry Lipsey, um nope… not an Advisor.

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