Financial Week: Top proxy adviser frisked by Congress: ‘They’re clean’

Glen Hellman, president and COO of 100-client Proxy Governance, also expected more criticism of ISS. “It seemed like a pass to me, like much to do about nothing,” said Mr. Hellman, whose firm was founded in 2004. “Even if the conflicts weren’t discussed more, we thought at least the amount of power in one firm would be more alarming to the researchers.”

Doctors, lawyers, executives trade their day jobs for slap shots

A recreational hockey league offers a place to hit the ice, unwind Friday, Aug. 25, 2006 by Steve Berberich Staff Writer One by one, the Sloths and the Red Army drifted into the Rockville Ice Arena Wednesday evening to face off, escaping the heat and humidity outside for a cool game of gentleman’s hockey — for businessmen. It’s fast, but not furious. There is no slamming of opponents against the glass. There is no fighting. There is no cursing the referees. Nobody wants to get hurt. The point is just to have some fun and grab a beer and burger after the game. The recreational Ice Pack hockey league was formed in March by Gary Rosenfeld, CFO of the Myer Emco Inc. of Gaithersburg, a chain of electronics products stores. ‘‘We have attorneys, physicians, builders and shop owners. We even had the priest from St. John’s Episcopal Church across from the White House,” Rosenfeld said, as he stood rinkside in his white-and-green Ice Turtles hockey sweater while the Sloths and Red Army bumped and skated. The Turtles would be matched against The Larry’s that night. The four teams play each other every Wednesday, year-round, after the youth hockey league teams finish up, Rosenfeld said. Standings, leading scorers, injury...

Business Gazette: CEO of Bethesda company says he has a keen eye for inventions

Marketing guru Glen A. Hellman is always on the lookout for visionary inventors. Which is not surprising, considering he hails from Edison, N.J.

Hellman, CEO of IntelliPark LLC of Bethesda, has yet to find another Thomas Edison, the town’s namesake. But at IntelliPark, Hellman has teamed up with Vince Yost, whose sonar-smart parking meter is starting to tap national marketing potential.

Washington Post: Another Year, Another Chief Executive

Stepping in as an outsider can be a daunting task, said Glen Hellman, who joined Ikimbo Inc., a Herndon communications software firm, in July. Ikimbo had also been through several regime changes by the time Hellman arrived, having been run by its founder, Jamey Harvey, and two other chief executives since it was established in 1999.

Hellman says that process can be tough for entrepreneurs who, like new parents, sometimes lack objectivity. “Have you ever met a parent who told you they have an ugly baby? We need to keep asking ourselves, ‘Is this an ugly baby?’ and founders don’t do that. Founders get too close,” Hellman said.