The Washington Post: Capital Business – Young firms often need right executive talent

“You have very few CEOs who can take a company from a start-up based on the force of his personality and vision, and drive it to a billion-plus company and 10,000 employees and still run that company,” said Glen Hellman, the “chief entrepreneureator” at a company-building consultancy called Driven Forward.Hellman has parachuted into four start-ups at the request of investors. In most cases, investors had lost confidence in the executive’s ability to lead or willingness to tell the truth, Hellman said.“The combination of the fact that [tech stocks] are on sale, and the fact that they’re much more liquid than an angel investment, makes them much more attractive compared to how they were three months ago,” said Glen Hellman, an angel investor and principal at Driven Forward LLC. (Read More)

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The critical importance of having the right people in the right seats on the bus
by Steven Olverly