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Business Focus

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down over a beer and over an internet connection and about 800 miles of distance with Max Traylor of Beers with Max. We talked about lessons of a Turn-Around executive and why companies fail. Here’s an excerpt from the interview on Business Focus.

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Max:  What would you say was the was the biggest challenge if you did notice any
trends in these failing startup companies? What would you say is the
biggest challenge and don’t let the audience being sales and marketing professionals taint your answer.

Mr. Cranky: Business Focus… That is when you’re a small company you have to focus on a business, a niche. If you’re in the (advertising) agency world and you’re trying to be and serve everybody.. a person who is just in the agency for nonprofits or for advocacy groups is gonna kick your ass. Because most buyers want to know what customers do you have that are just like me and if you’re in an advocacy group and somebody’s a banker there’s no just like me there.

If you focus on a narrow niche every marketing dollar makes a louder noise in a smaller pond.

Max: It makes sense.

Cranky: If you’re trying to sell everybody it’s like throwing a brick in the ocean. It will hardly make a ripple. Now if you throw a brick in a puddle it will empty it out.

Max: I couldn’t pick a better topic for the people that listen to this show they
need to focus.

Mr. Cranky: So one more story on that?

Max: Yes, please.

Mr. Cranky: 300 Spartans is a movie that illustrates this well. How do 300 Spartans hold off 10,000 Persians?

Max: That’ll be, what is the hot gates for 10,000.

Mr. Cranky: That’s it! You win! This is where you could only throw 10 fighters or20 fighters in there at a time. So it didn’t matter that they were fighting the largest corporation in the world and they were a small company. You know they
picked a place where the quality and ability to fight mattered more than numbers.

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