And Still They Persist – Buffoon Danny Boice and Trustify

Here’s a crock of shit from a dip shit. Danny Boice and Jen Mellon of Trustify have been missing payroll, hemorrhaging employees and cash. Their office is always empty. The couple is on the verge of Divorce. Their Cheif of Staff and CFO have been canned. Another Attorney in a long line of Attornies just fired and withdrew from representing them and Danny has been absent from 2 recent court hearings.

Another company in which Danny has worked is in trouble with investors (see just one of many investor law suites) and law enforcement (See what the Commonwealth of Virginia Found). Danny was a founder of Communiclique and Convicted fraudster Andy Powers is Danny’s Yoda.

Yet unrelented these clowns are reportingt that they are hiring a new Cheif Revenue Officer from industry giant Kroll (located in New York so they are probably opening the office for their new sale exec).

This is a company of liars and proof of this is they read my posts, they threatened to sue if I didn’t take them down and yet they do not sue. Danny Boice is a liar and that was not so, I would not be allowed to continue to expose Danny Boice and Jen Mellon’s lies, fraud and criminal behavior. They would use the courts to have me remove my misrepresentations. They can’t do that (see this link). It sucks for them that truth is a defense.

Go ahead lunkhead investors! Give them money. But please, read this first.

The company never had the revenues to support the payroll and lifestyle of the two founders. Funded by investor money in  place of profits, the two founders used company money to pay for:

  • Housekeeper
  • Landscapers
  • Personal Assistant
  • A Chauffer/Body Guard
  • Beach House in NJ
  • 2 Million Dollar house in Alexandria
  • Net Jets Private Travel
  • Country Club
  • Exclusive Private Schools for their kids
  • Personal Lawyers for their family law issues
  • Check out the long list of documented transgressions

But the last month:

Here’s the recent email from Trustify to investors and potential investors in Trustify

Here is the latest on Trustify. This email including updates reserved only for friends (and Mr Cranky Readers) and associates, hence why this distro is nicknamed “Trustify Intel”.

We’ve been heads down growing the business (by flying in private jets all over the world, spending your money on chauffeurs, housekeepers, babysitters and yes, occasionally showing up at work) and haven’t had the opportunity to catch up with many of you. Feel free to read about what we’ve been up to below and, as always, we’d love to hear from you!


Danny & Jen

Major Milestone – with no measurable proof or actual revenue claim

We completed our 50,000th case this month!

It’s hard to believe that it was just 3 1/2 years ago that we started Trustify. We’ve completed cases for world leaders, royals, pop culture, business and political celebrities both famous and infamous in addition to thousands of pro bono cases. We have found missing children, reunited families, helped exonerate a death row inmate, broke up sex trafficking rings and assisted dozens of domestic violence survivors. (a tipster tells me that this isn’t close to the truth)

Stay tuned for #100,000 coming your way ASAP.

Latest Win – Let’s See the contract

We have always suspected there would be lots and lots of opportunities for us in the Federal and State Governments.

I just seems natural, (no you know what seems natural? seeing these two crooks locked-up in a Federal Prison) and should come as no surprise, that we are now signed on to assist with the 700,000+ backlog of security clearance background checks with the Federal Government. (a tipster tells me that this was in the workds but nothing came of it. There is no revenue generating governement deal in place… a fabrication)

Regulatory – So California, Virginia and Arizona reversed the position? Prove it!

As you likely know, private investigation is regulated at the state level. Nearly every single state in the US and most Western Countries have a framework for licensure to be an investigator and/or an agency. When Trustify entered the market we were faced with a lot of misinformation from the competition and experienced hesitation from would-be investors over our positioning with respect to regulatory. We are proud to be able to state unequivocally that we have socialized to, fought and won, or partnered with every state in the US that has licensure – as well as most of the countries too.

This makes Trustify the World’s largest network of licensed investigators and one of the few – perhaps only – company doing true private investigation work in every single state.

New Team Member – He’s either a complete idiot, a crook, or this isn’t true

We had another recent win when it comes to the Trustify family. We have hired a former Kroll sales/business development executive to be our Chief Revenue Officer. We’ll be announcing the details soon, but he oversaw the roll-out of major productized business lines at Kroll and grew them from $0 to $70M ARR respectively making him perfectly positioned for Trustify’s stage of growth.

New York, New YorkBecause one empty $24K per month office isn’t enough

Trustify is proud to announce (confidentially, of course 😉 of course! that we have signed a lease to and “broke ground” on our new NYC office in Tribeca.

We will house our Account-Based Marketing/Sales teams selling to and supporting our Enterprise clients in the Media, Finance, Legal and other relevant verticals here primarily.

We are likely to house the bulk of our corporate marketing or “Brand and Buzz” team as we call it in NYC.

Ways To Help – HELP WE  Can’t pay for our kids private schools!

We are doing the subsequent closing to our Series B this month. The proceeded are to be used exclusively to “pour gas on the fire.” As such, we have already started to rapidly scale up our sales and marketing teams in both DC and NYC.  We have subsequently already started scaling our team. If you have any exceptional Account Execs or Account Managers in your network that come from Enterprise SaaS, please send them our way! Same goes for tech, marketing, and operations talent

Go ahead invest. Just remember the guy who’s suing Danny’s old company Communiclique after losing $3 million dollars and getting his parents to invest $300K. They were defrauded. No investor in any of Danny Boice’s companies has ever recieved a penny and Danny Boice was fired from The College board for Fraud, Fired from his last Startup, Speek for disappearing for week and in Las Vegas and charging $40K on the company credit card.

If you’re looking for a write-off, if you’re concerned that Danny doesn’t have the cash to spend another week in Las Vegas on booze and hookers, then invest!

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