Buckley Law wins Legal Judgement Against Trustify

Another legal judgment against Trustify is added to the pile. The once high-flying, never high-achieving, always unethical DC area startup has crumbled under the weight of hubris and debt. Buckley’s award is just another loss in court. This latest judgment is for $245,945 awarded to Trustify’s former law firm Buckley LLP.  It sucks for Danny Boice, Jennifer Mellon, and Trustify because no one with the possible exception of El Chapo needs a lawyer more than these crooks and yet most good attornies like to get paid.

Legal Judgment Against Trustify

  1. $245,945 – Buckley LLP: Trustify’s former law firm was awarded a legal judgment against Trustify for 2 years of legal bills. How the hell do you let a shady client rack up $250 thousand in fees and keep servicing them? In someway I want lawyers this stupid that they don’t care if you pay them a quarter of million dollars or not and in other ways when I need an attorney, I’d rather hire one with common sense.
  2. $263,478 – JBG Smith: Trustify’s former landlord awarded a legal judgment against Trustify for back rent
  3. $34,708 – Eight Former Employees:  Eight employees sued and won back wages. Here’s hoping they can find the money that Jen Mellon and Danny Boice have either spent or hidden.

Legal Judgement Against Trustify Sub-total: $544,131

Pending Legal Actions Against Trustify

  1. $4,769,719 – Anchorage Capital (estimated): Anchorage is trying to recover its investment by appointing a receiver for Trustify. Anchorage alleges fraud and embezzlement by Trustify and it’s officers, including Jennifer Mellon and Danny Boice and I presume they will try to their investment, damages and legal fees.
  2. $240,305 – Dini Von Mueffling Communications: Trustify’s former PR firm is seeking $240,305 in back fees, damages, and legal costs.

Pending Legal Actions Against Trustify Sub-Total: $5,010,024

Total Legal Judgement’s Against Trustify and Pending Actions: $5,554,155

I like to make a few observations:

  • Can there be a dumber group of investors and vendors?
  • Who was the moron at Buckley LLP who didn’t cut Trustify off when they owed the company $50,000?
  • Did JBG Smith do a credit check on the company before signing these criminals to a lease?
  • Anchorage Capital – I already wrote about these clowns. They should hire Buckley LLP to defend them against a lawsuit from their limited partners. If their limited partners don’t sue Anchorage for gross negligence and a breach of fiduciary responsibility, then their LPs must be the Buckley LLP partners (see this article).
  • Anchorage Capital, if I was going to say that I was starting a company, maybe a company that was going to create the worlds first telephone connected waterbottle with flavor pods, please remind me to pitch the dumbest investors I’ve ever seen, including Adam Besvinick and Kevin Ulrich of Anchorage Capital, Alexandra Stanton and her husband Sam Natapoff of Empire Global Ventures, Jacob Chapman of Gelt VC, and Andrea Turner Moffitt, Plum Alley. How could these bozos not know?
  • Read this Quote from an Article in the Washingtonian Magazine

Tom Clare, calls Hellman’s claims “reckless and irresponsible.” Hellman, he says, has “ignored prior demands from the company to cease and desist his false reporting. As such, our firm has been retained to review statements on Hellman’s blog about Trustify and its founders and advise the company regarding potential libel claims.”

  • Hey Tommy! I did respond and Trustify dropped the case because my attorney made it clear that I had not slandered, libeled or crossed any legal lines. By the way, Tom, my attorney responded to Boice’s specious claims and the case against me was dropped. You know what else Tom? I paid my attorney, I bet you didn’t get paid! So the joke’s on you, Tom Clare! I look forward to reporting on your lawsuit against Danny Boice, Jen Mellon, and Trustify to collect your fees.
  • Finally to the Washingtonian, did you see what you missed? 5 months after the fact, Trustify is done and Mr. Cranky isn’t the only one calling Jennifer Mellon (now working as a confidential assistant for Neil Chatterjee, FERC commissioner) and her estranged strange husband Danny Boice. Boy did you knuckleheads miss the boat.

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