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Buzz to Biz Fool

Mr Cranky’s Buzz to Biz Ratio

What is the Buzz to Biz Ratio say you? It's the ratio that measures the correlation between company buzz and the value of a business. It's the fact that real companies understand that time, money, resources are precious and any resources dedicated to things other than designing, building, selling and supporting the best damn product possible is wasted energy. The Buzz to Biz ratio is the metric that separates a great company like ZoomData...

Mr Cranky's Legal Defense Fund David vs Goliath

Mr Cranky’s Legal Defense Fund

Help with Mr Cranky's legal defense: If you're a reader of my blog, you know that I'm a satirist, a humorist and a snarky commentator.  If you appreciate these posts, you may be interested to know that my free speech is under attack. Yesterday I received a demand letter to cease and desist commenting on a company and it's founder. The letter demands I produce the supporting evidence that is the basis of the opinions and facts presented in a number of my blog posts and to remove and retract statements that the complaining party finds offensive. Unless I receive evidence that controverts my...

No Traction Dragster

Traction… what is Traction and what it ain’t

Traction! Traction! Traction! Nothing beats it. Nothing! Not strategy, not elegantly developed growth hacking plans, not butt tattoos. Nothing! Traction trumps all. So what is it exactly? That's a great question considering the discussions I've been privy too as of late. Traction when referring to a new business can almost best be defined by what it ain't as much as what it is. So let's start with what it isn't. Traction is not: an article by the "discerning," "journalists" at DCInno, or or DC or even the legitimate press. Articles ain't traction...

DCTech STartups

Revisiting the 100 DC Tech Startups I Don’t Hate

Aww those  DC Tech Startups. Got to love them or hate them. In today's post we ((we love calling me we) look back at the 100 #DCTech Startups we as in I don't Hate. Way back in April 2014 I made a friendly wager with the Washington Post's Steven Overly that I could name 100 DCTech companies that didn't make me want to vomit. Thusly (he said with grand pomposity of one who refers to himself as we),  the 100 #DCTech Companies I Don’t Hate: The Steven Overly Challenge was born. I lost that wager because at the time I was only...

Warren Buffet Better CEO Great CEOs

The #1 Tip For Being a Better CEO

What's the #1 tip for being a better CEO? One sign you're able to become a better CEO is that you're reading articles like this because you're curious and dedicated to being better. If you're already the best CEO you might need my#2 tip for being what you can't be...