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Warren Buffet Better CEO

The #1 Tip For Being a Better CEO

What's the #1 tip for being a better CEO? One sign you're able to become a better CEO is that you're reading articles like this because you're curious and dedicated to being better. If you're already the best CEO you might need my#2 tip for being what you can't be...

McDonalds Sales

Basic Sales Stuff 101

Butt On The Line - Someone in your company must have a target on their back with their butt on the line to deliver revenue.  Great companies...

Peter Corbett

Peter Corbett… the grudge that keeps on giving

Awwww Peter J Corbett, now there's a name that hasn't crossed my mind in three years. Three years ago peevish Pete had a hissy fit which resulted in both of us earning the Washington Business Journal C0-Loser of the week. Here's what went down. One day, I was minding my own business, reading twitter and it struck me funny that Peter Corbett, CEO of iStrategy Labs was tweeting interesting and unintentional-comedic tweets (since deleted but memorialized in this post: Peter J Corbett - In His Own Words).  For some reason Peter Corbett thought all of tweetdom yearned to know the status of...

Neuroscience Storytelling

The Neuroscience of Story Telling

The Neuroscience of Story Telling, compliments of Ethos3 Here's a great infographic regarding the neuroscience of Story Telling. It does a great job of explaining why storytelling engages the audience, resonates and is a powerful motivator. Also check out this great post by Scott Schwertly on the Ethos3 blog. ...

Glen Hellman Intentional Leadership Workshop DC

April 19, Intentional Leadership Workshop DC

Join me for an Intentional Leadership Workshop in DC on April 19th (Rescheduled from March 14th snow date). This is an exclusive opportunity to laugh and learn how to improve your career while learning about the neuroscience of creating a high performance culture for your team. Intentional Leadership Workshop DC Intentionality: Leading An Intentional Culture Day: Wednesday Date: April 19, 2017 Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00pm Location: MakeOffices at K Street Address: 1015 15th St NW #600, Washington, DC 20005 As leaders we get the culture we tolerate. What are the steps to create an intentional culture of high performance? The basis of leadership and influencing others depends on understanding...

Fake Grimlock Holding Can of WhoopAss

Innovation Lately… Not Likely

Innovation? Not Likely. Not Lately. Not Where It Use to Be We use to count on Software Startups to drive the innovation engine. Yet real Light bulb ideas,  that kind of big thinking that created Light Bulbs. Steam Engines, Internal Combustion Engines, Telephone, Radio, Television, Micro-wave Popcorn, are currently overshadowed by evolutionators dressed in innovators clothing. There use to be a steady pace of real innovation coming from startups and inventors. Now we have things like...