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Planning Blueprint

Business Planning

Planning for life. Planning for Business It either happens or we can direct the happening. That's a plan. You know what a plan is right? Planning involves three key elements. A plan is a noun, a verb and a date. That's it. That's all there is to planning: Noun - as in "I" will  Verb - as in "retire" by Date - as in "December 1" I will retire by December 1. That's the what of a plan. Everything else is just tactical details. The how of the plan. Many people go through business and life without planning. When you don't have a plan...

Business Coach

How do I find a business coach?

Business Coach. How do I find a business coach or more importantly, how do  I find a good business coach or more importantly still how do I find the right good coach for me? All good questions and no simple answer. I'm a business coach. I'm a good business coach. In fact, I'm the best darn business coach who is the exact right business coach for you and what I just said is complete BS! Because: Fit - One person's business coach is like another person's floor.  Obtuse you say? Let me try and demystify what  I just said. In an apartment building, one man's...

Mr Cranky Startup Technology Resolution

Mr Cranky’s 2017 Startup Technology Resolution

Mr Cranky and Startup Technology a match made in heaven. Mr Cranky's back and I've made my 2017 Startup Technology Resolution list for the coming year. For the past 2 years I've fortunately avoided the crank inducing bullshitocracy that is the DC Tech Startup ecosystem. I've been able to avoid the Faux Silicon Valley wannabe wantrepreneur festival celebrations of  stupid ideas, poorly executed and horribly explained. Then recently, with a slight case of FOMO a work assignment thrust me headfirst back into the ooze of DCs anemic startup ecosystem. So here's my resolution for 2017. I will not get upset when I see what I...

New Years Predictions

Mr Cranky’s 2017 Technology Year In Review Predictions

Anyone can tell you what happened in the New Year but only Mr Cranky can tell you what happened In the year to come! Mr Cranky’s 2017 Year in Review: January - Marissa Mayer at Yahoo announces she’s created a new logo…. Because that’s the only thing she’s ever done while running Yahoo that hasn’t devalued the stock.  So why not once again fix the only thing that isn’t broken at Yahoo. February - Apple’s Tim Cook announces the new Apple 8 which has no headphone jack, no screen, no microphone, no speaker and no keyboard and gets 3 hours life from its...