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united airlines failure

United Airlines Failure of Values and Culture

There's a definite failure of Values and Culture which ultimately points to a failure of leadership at United Airlines. We've all heard the stories of the poor guy who got the crap beaten out of him because he wanted to be able to stay in his seat and fly home on his full fare ticket. He just wanted to fly home on the ticket United sold him...

Danny Boice Trustify Legal Issues

The Danny Boice Trustify Demand Letter Affair

Danny Boice Trustify Demand Letter So there I was. Minding my own business. When out of the blue. A knock on the door. The FedEx guy hands me one of the greatest gifts I've received since my grandma bought me socks and underwear for my birthday. Here was a poorly constructed, Demand Letter from someone who claims to be an "attorney," representing Danny Boice Trustify. I've requested permission to reprint the letter in full and sadly I have received no such permission so under the doctrine of fair use I will highlight some of the more ironic passages of this long rambling 5...

Sausage Party Pricing

Pricing…. a Sausage Party

The human brain is a wonder of nature.  It is complicated, elegant, useful and seriously flawed. Evaluating pricing choices highlights one of the brain's biggest weaknesses. Let me give you an example...

Crayola Crayon Leadership Traits

Mr Cranky on Leadership Traits

Leadership Traits Mr Cranky has some thoughts on leadership Traits. In fact I have more than one thought. I have all kinds of thoughts on all kinds of things. I wonder for instance if a wide receiver is only a wide ceiver until he's caught his second pass. Then and only then can you say he re-peated ceiving or re-ceived. I ponder why I'm the only one fighting to protect our 3rd amendment rights. For years I've tried to find the "I've Been Working on the Railroad," songwriter to ask him if, "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah. Someone's in the kitchen I...

Dumb Startup Ideas

King of the Startup Apps

King of the Startup Apps Mr Cranky is the new King of the Startup Apps because I've got a bunch of great ideas. that I'm proud to announce will join the new incoming cohort of the Brake Decelerator. Brake for those who are unfamiliar, is a Super-de-duper 1776 DC-like decelerator.  Like 1776 we say we're a Venture Fund and we're not. In fact the only thing holding Brake back from being a 1776 rival is that unlike Evan Burfield, the guys who run Brake actually have had profitable exits and not a record of being booted by investors from the only companies they ever founded....