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The Fort - Jonathon Perrelli Fortify VC

Jonathon Perrelli Fortify VC Part 1

Meet Jonathon Perrelli Fortify VC I first met Jonathon Perrelli (commonly referred to as JP) in late 2011 at a Founders Institute (FI) graduation. Twelve companies graduated and pitched that day. After many of the pitches, JP provided, what seemed to me at the time, expert commentary. He was electrifying, funny, talked about all the big things he had done in the past -- his friendship with Sean Parker (as in -- you know what’s really cool, a billion dollars -- played by Justin Timberlake in the Social Network Sean Parker… that guy), his connections with 500 Startups and other big...

Wolves of Startupland

Wolves Of StartupLand – #DCTech-style

The Wolves Of StartupLand What's wrong with Mr Cranky? Why is he always crying Wolf? Is he like Peter in Peter and the Wolf? Are there really Wolves in StartupLand? Is he just crying Wolf? Absolutely YES and on Thursday's for the next few months I'm going to make my episodic case to that end in a series of blog posts that detail what puts the Crank in Mr Cranky. Why is he so mean to that poor startup founder.  Why is he such a bully. Although I prefer to think of me as more of a Proceed With Caution Sign than a bully...

united airlines failure

United Airlines Failure of Values and Culture

There's a definite failure of Values and Culture which ultimately points to a failure of leadership at United Airlines. We've all heard the stories of the poor guy who got the crap beaten out of him because he wanted to be able to stay in his seat and fly home on his full fare ticket. He just wanted to fly home on the ticket United sold him...

Sausage Party Pricing

Pricing…. a Sausage Party

The human brain is a wonder of nature.  It is complicated, elegant, useful and seriously flawed. Evaluating pricing choices highlights one of the brain's biggest weaknesses. Let me give you an example...