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Grit or Why Learning Disabled and Immigrants Dominate Entrepreneurship

Dyslexic citizens make up nearly 1/2 of the prison population and only 1/5th of the general population. Where are the dyslexics who aren't imprisoned? They're starting and running some of the worlds great companies. Companies that include: Ford, Apple, Virgin and Charles Schwab. Henry Ford, Steve Jobs,. Richard Branson, Charles Schwab, Cisco's John Chambers and HP co-founder Bill Hewlett, all afflicted with Dyslexia. In addition to learning disabled there's an inordinate amount of company founders who started and run some of the worlds greatest companies. Including: Tesla, WhatsApp, Google, eBay, Yahoo, PayPal. Why is that? What makes these two groups more apt to succeed as entrepreneurs than...

Peer Advisory Group Meeting

Join ThinkTank Peer Advisory Group

Why a Peer Advisory Group? It's lonely at the top.  Have you noticed? If you run a business where do you go to let down your guard? Where can you go to be vulnerable? Where can you share your deepest concerns? Who helps you be a better leader? Share them with you Partners? What if they are the issue? Share them with your spouse or spouse equivalent? Maybe...


DC’s Boom To Bust Startup Cycle Update

Here we go again. We’ve crested the top of the latest DC Region Startup roller coaster hill and we’re now speeding towards a bottom.  Just four years ago, in 2012 there was a budding DC Startup Industrial Complex. This included multiple media outlets with hot shot reporters, there were record breaking events like the DC Tech Meetup purportedly the largest meetup of its kind in the world..if not the universe. New venture funds were forming. Every week there was a new pitch event for startups raising money and yet today we enter the third tech bubble since the dot com...