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Evan Burfield Whispering in Sean Spicer's Ear

Evan Burfield… The Sean Spicer of #DCTech

The purchase of 1776 by Benjamin's Desk is heating up. As a result, Evan Burfield will be pushed out to sink or swim as the CEO of spun-out software company selling 1776's Union.  It's getting realer (Trumpian English) and closer. Yesterday, The Washington Business Journal's (WBJ), Andy Medici reported more details of a probable sale. His report kicked off by this Mr Cranky post from 2 days ago and additional sources. Good work, Andy!!! Quoting from the WBJ article, Evan Burfield, 1776 co-founder and CEO, repeatedly denied the news, saying there is no current deal or purchase with Benjamin's Desk. He said 1776 and Benjamin's Desk...

Hooks Johnston and Phil Gross

Mourning the Loss of Hooks Johnson and Phil Gross

In Memorium of 2 DC Tech Pioneers Hooks Johnson Hooks passed over Labor Day weekend at the age of 55 after a long battle with an autoimmune condition. Hooks was well known as a Venture Capitalist, first as a Managing Director of FBR Ventures and then as one of the founding members of Valhalla Partners. Yet hooks roots as one of DC Tech's real Hooks was well known as a Venture Capitalist, first as a Managing Director of FBR Ventures and then as one of the founding members of Valhalla Partners. Yet his roots as one of DC Tech's real startup pioneers run deeper. Hooks...

Adverse Childhood Experience

Self-Destructive Adverse Childhood Experiences

Everyday Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) All human children develop coping mechanisms to deal with uncomfortable events. We develop strategies that as children help us manage stress. Many of us subconsciously utilize these coping mechanisms into adulthood where they don't serve us quite as well. For me, my mom was very controlling. Don't get me wrong, she was a great mom, yet I bristled against her control and my strategy to ease the control was to act out...

Anne Coulter Safe Space

Safe Space Overload – A Generation of Wimps

What is a Safe Space? According to my google search: safe space noun a place or environment in which a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm. "school must be a safe space for LGBT students." I support that principle that at-risk groups and individuals...

Stupid Investor Definition Danny Boice

Definition of a Stupid Investor Definition is a Danny Boice Trustify Investor

Want to know the definition of a stupid investor? Anyone who invested in Danny Boice and his Dumpster Fire excuse for a company, Trustify Why? Because unless you're looking for a tax write-off, you could have gotten a better return by pouring gasoline on your cash and setting a match to it. Why? Because if you had done any cursory research, you would have found that Danny is thief and a liar. Why? Because had you handed the money to me, I would have been upfront and told you I was going to use it to fund my luxurious lifestyle instead of putting it...