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Blog Comments Needed! Help a Needy Cranky Guy Out

Blog Comments Needed!

You know guys, I don’t get paid to blog. I don’t get paid to whine and you don’t get paid to read my whiney blogs but I’m about to, as my grandma use to say… kvech at you!

I often run into folks around town who tell me, I really enjoyed your blog Mr Cranky. That is rewarding. Yet over 240 people read yesterday’s blog and only one, Dave Sandrowitz left a comment. Most of my posts…. the comment section is tumbleweeds and crickets.

Now there are a few people who are regular commenters on the blogs:

  1. Old Fart
  2. Skippy (all though that guys been AWOL for months)
  3. Dave Sandrowitz
  4. Hutch
  5. Years ago Fake Friggin Grimlock
  6. ICD Boss
  7. Joe Kessler (too occasionally)
  8. Nancy Kramer (occasionally)

But geeze guys… my comment section? Mostly crickets.

I’m starting to feel like Tinkerbell. Remember that part in Peter Pan when Tink drinks poison and the only way to save her is for the audience to clap in order to let Tinkerbell know that people believe in fairies? Well I may not be a Fairy (not that there are anything wrong with Fairies… some of my best friends are Fairies), I may just be a Troll but trolls need clapping too. Clapping in the form of comments to let me know that you believe in Fairies and Trolls… even cranky old trolls need validation every once in awhile.

So look, I don’t need love… you can hate on me, criticize me, ask me a question or compliment me…. just let me know you’re out there. You can give me a pat on the back or a knife in the back…. Just Comment! Say something. You can do it anonymously. You can call me a fairy a troll or tell me you’d rather gouge your eyes out than leave a comment in my comment section..just tell me you won’t leave a comment in my comment section. You can abuse me or amuse me or just let me know you have a pulse.

Get it? Here’s what I’m saying… Blog Comments Needed! You dig?

Let me know you’re there! Blog Comments Needed! Right down there….. where it says comments!