Bankrupt Clique CEO Andy Powers Doesn’t Pay His Bills

Bankrupt Clique CEO Andy Powers doesn’t pay his bills. Powers company, Communiclique (AKA Clique) company was placed into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The Deleware judge, in that case, found that Andy Powers had attempted to defraud the court with forged fraudulent documents. That’s the second time a court found that Powers was guilty of fraud. A court in Virginia in the summer of  2018 found Powers was guilty of embezzlement, tax fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, and securities fraud (see post) The Deleware judge referred these criminal charges to the US Attorney’s office for prosecution. Not only is he a criminal but bankrupt Clique CEO Andy Powers doesn’t pay his bills.

Andy Powers of Communiclique recently hired a search firm to hire an IT guy to create a new web site for Andy in order to obfuscate search results so that you may not find out that Clique CEO Andy Powers doesn’t pay his bills, that he is a common criminal, a fraud, an embezzler and his feet stink. That’s right Andy, I said it! Your feet stink. Unfortunately for the search firm and the IT guy, Powers stiffed them. He got a web site and they got nada. Do you know why? Because bankrupt Clique CEO Andy Powers doesn’t pay his bills.

He owes the landlord of his home, at 340 Surfview Dr, Pacific Palisades CA 90272 (Check it out on Zillow), costs $35 thousand dollars a month to rent. His landlord is suing to evict him and recover nearly $100K in back rent (see post).

The Landlord for Communiclique’s (AKA Clique) office in LA is suing him for back rent. Former employees including Power’s executive assistant and the company’s Chief Strategy Officer (what does a Chief Strategy Officer strategize about on a company that does nothing but defraud investors out of money?) are suing him for back pay. I received several calls from other former employees who are also owed back pay.

While the company no longer belongs to Powers and is in receivership, Andy Powers continues to release Press Releases, and create content on the web to pretend his business is healthy affording him the ability to continue to defraud, vendors, and investors (see post). Just like Tinkerbell, fictional CEO Andy Powers needs people to believe in him for him to continue to exist. 

Here’s the Lastest Court Ruling in the latest Deleware Bankruptcy Case.

All because Bankrupt Clique CEO Andy Powers Doesn’t Pay His Bills (see a PDF of the latest ruling here or read it below)