Attention Trustify Investors

Attention Trustify Investors: I have a treat for you. Want the next best thing to audited books on your investment in Danny Boice and Jen Mellon’s dumpster fire FlimFlam, doing business as Trustify.

Attention Trustify Investors: Danny Boice needs you to dump more, I mean invest more of your cash in Trustify so he can maintain his lifestyle.

Attention Trustify Investors: Do you have an accounting of what the assets in which you invested? Check out this rental:

See this home? You paid for it. Your investment went in for the down payment and is paying the mortgage and now that Danny and Jen have spent the bulk of your money on houses, cars, NetJets, and a new $150K boat in July. He has to rent this out… at least until you suckers cough up some more cash!

Attention Trustify Investors, Want the detes on the property you bought for Danny and Jen?

Trustify Investors purchased a sweet little vacation home with 5 bedrooms, 5 full baths, and one 1/2 bath. Located at 14 73rd West, Sea Isle City, NJ – Built in 2017, this house features a private elevator, landscaped backyard, One master suite, and two junior master suites. The two middle bedrooms are separated by a shared full bathroom. This is one of the finest houses for rent on the island.


The Boice’s purchased the home for $1,275,000 in August 2017, and the poor couple, nearing indigent status are being forced to put it up for rent today because you silly investors are now refusing to fund the LifsStyles of the Boice and Infamous.

Attention Trustify Investors – in order to help you reduce the burn on the Boice’s lifestyle that you’ve funded, I have opened a GoFundMe account to raise money so I can rent the Boice Home and use it for an educational video blog series on how to perform proper due diligence to ensure you are not investing in scammers. Donate here! For every $50 dollar donation, I’ll make you a producer and for every $100 or more donation, you’ll be an executive producer (See go fund me campaign here).  If you donate $300, you can have your own bedroom and bathroom for the week and star in the series!!!

Now it’s interesting to track what happens to Boice owned real estate and how it coincides with investments in a company that Danny Boice uses to embezzle cash.

Here’s a timeline starting back in 2012:

  • February 2012 – There was a $60k deposit on a $690k new construction house in Brambleton, VA that was tied to funding for Speek. Speek was expecting a large investment which was delayed. Therefore the deposit was forfeited.
  • October 2015 – Trustify raises $1,926,000
  • November 2015 – Danny Boice and Jen Mellon make a cash purchase on a $1,625,000 home in Alexandria
  • October 2016 – The couple contracts to buy a beach house in Sea Isle NJ. for $880,000 at 205 85TH St
  • November 2016 – Woopsi! New seed round delayed… deposit forfeited
  • June 2017 – Trustify announces $6.5 million in funding
  • July 2017 – Jen and Danny take out a $1.3 million mortgage on Alexandria home
  • August 2017 – The Boices buy the $1.275,000 home putting down a down payment of $250,000

There’s a pattern here of taking money that is meant to build a business and using it to build a home. Which is okay if you’re investing in a real estate company but Attention Trustify Investors… Trustify is not a real estate company. No, in fact, Trustify isn’t even a real company. It’s a lifestyle improvement vehicle funded by idiots to improve the lifestyle of criminals.  Trustify isn’t a company it’s a rat infestation and Attention Trustify Investors, you are not Venture Capital Investors, you’re Venture Capital Infestors.

Did you hear that Trustify Investors? Attention Trustify Investors, I just called you idiots!

Attention Limited Partners of Trustify Investors… what to know if your investors are idiots? Want to know if your investors would invest in criminals and not demand that anyone any outside investors or independent members sit on a board of directors? Want to know if you are an LP who invested in a bunch of idiots who would take the word of a Fake Harvard Grad, and not demand individual audited books? Here are those morons:

Listed But Swear say they are not an investor.

  • Kevin McIntosh – Trustify was listed on his Angel List profile when this was published and yet, Mr. McIntosh, according to an email received on 12/21/2018 reports he is not a Trustify Investor,
    • From: Kevin McIntoshI found my name in an article you published about Trustify, listing me as an investor. I don’t know why they were listed as an investment in my angelist profile, I did not invest in Trustify. Please remove my name from that list immediately. Thank you.

If any of you suckers are interested in justice, you can contact me and I’ll introduce you to the investigators at the Commonwealth of Virginia who want to get to the bottom of the Danny Boice, Jen Mellon, Trustify Travesty. Contact me here. Oh, and by the way, that’s a nice beach house you invested in!  I’ll let you know how the filming goes.

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