Attention Law Enforcement – Matthew Pugsley Chalant Health

Attention law enforcement, be warned that Matthew Pugsley, Chalant Health, CEO is on the prowl. There was a time where he took an actual job. It appears that he lost that job and is back raising money for his company that is a total scam (see this post).

Matt’s been evicted again and is seeking a new place to rent. Landlords be careful, this guy has been evicted for non-payment of rent about a dozen times (see post).

By the end of this week, Matthew Pugsley, Chalant Health CEO, may get free rent. He is likely to get 3 hots and a cot for being seriously in arrears on child support. Meanwhile, while not paying child support this scofflaw is a big spender when he goes out on the town (see this post).

Here’s a warning to landlords and prospective employees who are thinking about working for Matthew Pugsley, Chalant Health CEO, think twice. Here’s a recent message I received from someone claiming to be a former employee.

I just your articles about the con-man Matthew Pugsley. He is a horrible person who conned young naive sonographers fresh out of school into jobs, came up with a million and one excuses on why he couldn’t pay them for weeks, months. Everyone knew he was a conman, but kept working for free, spending their own money and time to drive around and scan legitimate patients. He needs to be in jail.

Most importantly, Angel Investors be careful. I have received multiple complaints from investors in Chalant Health and Matt’s previous company. He’s had several judgments against him for embezzlement. But winning judgments against a guy with no assets is a losing proposition.

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