Attention Communiclique Judge Alston and Prosecutor Hanly

Communiclique CEO Andy Powers is out on bail while charged with 8 Federal Felony Counts (See Post). Meanwhile, while out on bail, it seems that Andy Powers continues to defraud individuals, commit crimes abusing the terms of his bail.

In August 2018, a court in Virginia found Andy Powers had defrauded investors and that his company Communiclique was a complete sham (see post). In the summer of 2019, a Bankruptcy court in Declared the company bankrupt and referred Andy Powers to the US Attorney for defrauding the court (see Post). He’s still out there defrauding victims!

It is time for Judge Rossi Alston, US Attorney, Jack Hanly, and the arresting officer, FBI Agent, Jamie Vera, to haul him back in court, revoke his bail, and protect the public by locking him away until the disposition of his court case scheduled for December 16.

  • Since his arrest, he hired a young man to do technical work for $8,000 and didn’t pay him (see the post by this victim here).
  • According to Mihu, the young man mentioned above, Andy, stiffed a pregnant mom.
  • On May 20th, I received a voice mail from an executive at Crescent Solutions. A transcript of the voicemail follows:
    • Hey Glen, (name withheld) calling about Andy Powers. It seems like you know, quite a bit of information. I’m probably one of the latest to get hit by the Integrity lack of Integrity I should say but I just Some of these the word jackass. Give me a call back when you can. I just kind of wanted to pick your brain a little bit, see if there’s anything you think I can do. I just call my attorney to try to figure out next steps with him. But if you could call me back, I’d appreciate it. Thanks, Glen.
    • When I returned the call, the exec explained that Andy hired a candidate  Crescent found for Communiclique but Andy negotiated the deal directly with the candidate and stiffed the search firm I assume that candidate was Mihu.
  • I had a call from a search firm that sourced Mihu for Andy. The
  • This week I received this email.
    • Good Afternoon,
      I apologize if this, not the appropriate.manner to contact you regarding Mr Andrew Powers but I didn’

      want to disturb you with a phone call. I had never heard of this criminal Mr Powers until last week when a friend of my daughter’s told me that she believes she has been scammed by him and his wife recently…Anyway while her potential loss is nothing in comparrision to the millions lost by investors, it might as well be a million to her. I was hoping you might advise me what law enforcement agency would be best to contact ? I would like advise them of what I believe may have been the inappropriate use of funds by his family. Thank you 
  • Powers has been allowed to continue to promote Clique API, Communicliuqe, and himself on social media which helps him legitimize what courts have already found to be a fraudulent operation. Why is he allowed to continue to promote and defraud innocent victims?

Bail is a privilege and not a right. Abusing that privilege and continuing those crimes is against the spirit and law of bail. Andy Powers is a dangerous felon. He’s a conman who has been found by multiple courts to have cheated victims out of millions of dollars. These latest events should be investigated and if found to be true, his bail should be revoked.

It is time to lock him up and keep the public safe.