Andy Powers is a Criminal

Andy Powers calls himself a superhero…  in reality he’s not even a supervillain. He’s a low-rent, petty thief. Andy Powers is a Criminal. A two-bit, cheap huckster who gives real entrepreneurs a bad name.

Recently Andy Powers posted a blog post on his silly blog page. Let’s just fact check that blog Post. My comments in red.

I Screwed Up

I screwed up (No Shit Sherlock). I misled investors about our business model and the quality of our earnings. (Mislead? Andy said, he had a company that derived revenue from sales to customers in order to raise money from investors. The Commonwealth of Virginia determined the business model was raising money from investors and using it to fund a lavish lifestyle. That’s little more extreme than mislead, that’s fraud. That’s theft. That’s a crime.). In 2006 when I started Clique, I engaged with mostly unsophisticated investors (Unsophisticated as defined by people who didn’t fact check him and were susceptible to his lies. It’s like a bank robber blaming the bank for having insufficient security). They wrote small (define small you prick I know of at least two individuals that invested $4 million or more and many in excess of $100 thousand) checks primarily to make themselves feel rich (oh and now this illiterate college flunk-out is a psychologist?) and like they had a part in something sophisticated that had the potential to make them actually rich (Wow! Blame the motives of the people who wrote checks. Some of those people wrote $100K checks and let’s forget why they wrote them and focus on why Andy intentionally cheated them). I took advantage of them, and I’m sorry that I wasted their time (Time? Time? Time and money and financially damaged them). Some of these people I would consider friends who I care about, and who care about my family and me. However, most are not (WTF? what does that have to do with anything? All of them care about you Powers! All of them are talking to the authorities to see you get 10 years).

You can read about the results of the investigation from the State of VA here. We chose not to contest the lawsuit (They contested the lawsuit until it was obvious that they were going to lose and then they stopped paying their attorney, packed up and moved out to California, out the Jurisdiction of Virginia. They ran away from the state authorities but the Feds will get you Andy Powers). This was a civil case—not a criminal one—and it’s now closed (Read the case and you’ll see that it’s closed and Andy and his cronies like Tim Lee will likely be found guilty of crimes that include wire fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud, and embezzlement. I guarantee you that a criminal case is now in the works. The civil case is closed but the next phase will be a criminal case). No one is going to jail (Not from the civil case but the civil case proves the criminal case. Andy Powers and others are likely going to jail). I’m working to rescind and fully repay the investors, as well as pay the fines assessed by the State of VA. We will have this behind us very soon, and the company is moving forward (Bullshit! Andy Powers is a criminal and he and his cronies will not return calls to any of their former investors. He did tell many investors he’d pay them back and then ghosted them, he offered some his non-existent, never invested in Uber, Uber stock and then qhosted and best of all, I shit you not, he offered some LifeFuels stock and they laughed at him (check out lifefuels)).

Man, that little misunderstanding story is kind of farfetched.  Let me quote from Comunniclique’s (DBA CliqueAPI) 2016 annual report. According to Andy Powers,

2016 was a stellar year for revenue, as we pushed through the $100mm mark for the first time. Our $122mm in revenue was a 72% increase in top line. The team
also achieved a new monthly revenue record of $15mm in December, and realized an aggregate net income of $1.1mm for the final two quarters of the year (link to 2016 annual report).

let’s compare that to what the Commonwealth of Virginia disclosed to the court where a representative from the state found,

the account information provided by Bank of America reflected significantly lower revenues than the revenue information provided by the Defendants to potential investors. In addition, he compared investor proceeds from 2015 ($2.7 million) to the Defendants’ total 2015 Bank of America deposits ($5.6 million) and investor proceeds from 2016 ($4.1 million) to the Defendants’ total 2016 Bank of America deposits ($5.8 million) (link to the court proceedings)

Want to have some fun with this crook? Let’s examine an example of his grandiose, ludicrous prose he employed to describe himself and his website.

Image on the Left is Andy Powers real home page and on the right is the real Andy Powers

In braggadocious, clownish, near-illiterate prose, found on his personal website at (link left out so as not to help his SEO because Andy Powers is a Criminal) he describes himself thusly (Andy should use this word thusly, it’s very pompous and in character. If you read his blog, you’ll understand why he flunked out of college)

“Since a young age, Andy has been skilled in the sport of basketball, which led to multiple scholarship opportunities (Bullshit Alert) right out of high school. He chose to attend Virginia Commonwealth University (without a scholarship even though he had multiple shcolarship offers because that’s the kind of guy he is). Andy’s interest in college was (drinkiing and smoking dope) more associated with his love of sport than it was for formal education, so he dropped out (flunked out), unashamed (so ashamed he has to rationalize it), and prepared to apply his talent (a total lack of a moral compass), knowledge (Knowlege he has in common with other people who flunked out of college. Andy Powers is a criminal and the knowlege he posesses is that of a grifter), and intellect in ways that would eventually transform the world (no wonder the world is in the shitter) as we know it: The sport of business, investing, entrepreneurship, and winning (Winning? He sure as shit got his ass beat in a recent court case).”

Did he get a basketball scholarship… no. So why does he have to lie about that? Did he drop out? Yes, if flunking out is dropping out.

“With an uncanny eye for lucrative investment opportunities (like his investment in Speek. Investors put $8 million in Speek and it sold for $150 thousand. That’s uncanny!), Andy Powers has proven himself as a hawk in the venture capital world (Who talks like that? Oh I know who talks like that Hawk’s of Venture Capital talk like that.) by making early investments in companies like Reggie Software (Reggie? A household name, did he also invest in Acme Software?) and GroupMe. Most notably, Andy was an early investor in the world’s most successful ride-sharing company, Uber (I call bullshit).”

WTF is a Hawk in the Venture Capital World? More buzzard than a hawk, Andy made his money by raising money for his own companies and then embezzling that money for his own personal use. He’s a crook! Any Powers is a criminal. Pure and simple. His only early investment in uber was hailing an uber to take his drunken ass home from the bar. Powers is not just a liar, Andy Powers is a criminal.

“His investment prowess drives his exceptional ability to identify the potential of profitable business opportunities, but it’s never been the driving factor in his quest for personal wealth and fulfillment. For that, you’d have to look to his wife, Maggie Powers, and his five children, all of whom push Andy to be the best father, husband, businessman and person he can possibly be.”

For you kids at home, you understand that Andy wrote this… right? So don’t get fooled by Andy referring to himself in the third person, because Mr. Cranky is an expert regarding referring to himself in the third person and therefore he employes his masterful technique and superior mental powers to recognize the humble-brag of referring to oneself in the 3rd person. Let’s try it in the first person. What Andy just said about himself was, “My investment prowess drives my exceptional ability to identify the potentially profitable business opportunities.” Bullsit! Powers, your only uncanny ability is the uncanny abilities are the ability to incessantly, unabashedly lie and to smell and take advantage of the dumb suckers. Andy Powers is a criminal and that’s a useful skill for a crook.

“A big believer in time optimization, Andy sees the value of every minute of every day, working at a pace and intensity that few can rival. His belief in the power of creative thinking and brainstorming has led to his involvement in many of the risk-taking and creative efforts from which he’s built his success.”

See that? If he was such a believer in the value of every minute of every day, why would this asshole waste his and our time utilizing 56 words when just “I’m full of shit,” would have sufficed? I’m a big believer in time optimization and that’s why when I have nothing to say I don’t say anything. I’m not a time thief like Powers. Andy Powers is a criminal and he steals money and he steals your time.

Although, it’s not all business for Andy Powers. When he isn’t running marathons, the Clique founder and CEO (see the blog and see how the Commonwealth of Virginia convicted him and this company of fraud) still enjoys playing ball, and now that the new company office sits conveniently off Venice Beach, Andy and his team can walk right across the street to the classic court shown in the 1992 film White Men Can’t Jump for a little afternoon shootaround or pick-up game. His family, his horse, his dogs and of course, his cat, are what push him to build upon the success of his business ventures while sharing his investment talents with the greatest technological entrepreneurs in the world.

It is good to know that this guy lets’ his horse, his dogs and of course his cat push him around! WTF… what this guy does with the English language is a crime! Andy Powers is a criminal.

Andy Powers is a CEO on a mission, and that mission is to empower businesses everywhere to meet their full potential, without the need to sacrifice a high standard of communication efficacy. In the end, every second of communication breakdown works against an organization, and Andy knows it better than anyone. Check out his LinkedIn profile and continue to explore the site to learn more about Andy Powers’ business involvement and his vision for seamless, unified, and uninterrupted communications, and ultimately, a more connected future for us all.

There you go folks, there went 10 minutes you’ll never get back… now you know why this fucker flunked out of college! Now you know why he can’t support himself via legitimate employment. Now you know why Andy Powers is a Criminal.

Here, let me rewrite that last paragraph for Andy Powers,

Andy Powers is a criminal and a scumbag on a mission to fleece ever sucker he can find. Be they wannabe startup investors or wantrepreneurs like his buddies, Danny Boice and Tim Lee. I like to use highfalutin sounding terms like “communication efficacy,” and vision for “seamless, unified and uninterupted communications,” and of coure a “more connected futire.” I’m useless douchnozzle, cockwaffle! I’m Andy Powers!

What a crock of utter bullshit. Someday, this classless clown will be standing, handcuffs, and his tatted criminal look isn’t going to help him… which reminds me of a story,

There was this murderer who, like the subject of today’s post had a neck tattoo. This guys Tattoo happened to say “Murderer.” Before he went to trial he petitioned the court to remove the tattoo. Ultimately, I think they should have tattooed “Not A,” on his forehead. It would have been cheaper and funnier.

But now, back to our story. This scumbag, Powers is now in Venice Beach, he left Virginia on the run because the state of Virginia was hot on his tail. He failed to show up in court when they finally convicted him. He changed the company name from the convicted Comunniclique to CliqueAPI and moved the company. He’s playing a shell game.

This lowlife, Powers calls himself a coach… well he is. He coached Danny Boice and Tim Lee, in how to live the thug life. Andy Powers is a criminal and he’s one of this year’s top contenders for Number One Wolf of Startupland!

See these articles to understand Andy’s history.


January 11, 2019 Update: A judge in Deleware placed Communiclique AKA Clique API into chapter 7 bankruptcy. Andy Powers was arrested and charged with Fraud. He will be on trial in Federal Court, the Eastern District of Virginia where he will face a veteran white-collar crime prosecutor, Jack Hanley (John L. Hanley).

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