Andy Powers Domain Name Game

Andy Powers has been busy lately. I have reports he’s started a new business and is out raising money on a new scam company. Stay tuned for more information on that as it develops.

Meanwhile, I wonder why Communiclique would be registering these new domain names? Oh please please please, Tinkerbell… don’t throw me in the briar patch. The dopey little Andy Powers, the Tinkerbell with the cheap-ass tats is up to something. And I can’t wait to play!  Come on Tink! Bring it!

Cheap Tat Dopey Tinkerbell, AKA Communiclique’s Andy Powers has registered a few new domain names including.



I guess we will soon be able to add these sites to the Parthenon of Mr. Cranky tribute sites like Too bad Andy won’t be able to maintain them while he’s doing hard-time with his little boy pretend-prison tats in the federal penitentiary. I’ll miss you Andy! We all will.

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