An Apology to My Fan and My Haters

Hey folks, I’ve been very busy working on a contract. Unfortunately, this has left me little mind-space or time to entertain, elucidate, inform and scrutinize business events and trends.  I expect to be back to blogging on a regular basis at the conclusion of my current contracted project.

To my fan, and you know who you are… I apologize and I will try to make updates as they take place.

To my haters… I’m sorry to let you know that I’ll be back! This is only temporary.

On another note of note… I expect to have some great info and data in the next 3 months or so. As you know, court proceedings are public record and I will be monitoring a few situations that will lead to a story that is book-worthy.

As the decade closes, I’m preparing a book about the clowns and crooks of DCTech! It’s going to be a blockbuster! All profits will be donated to charity.

Finally, how about a roll-call? Do you miss me? Are there any stories you’d like me to cover? Please comment so I know there’s a heartbeat out there.