AlleyWatch Plagiarism Hosting 3Si’s Jason Feimster

AlleyWatch Plagiarism goes together like Mom and Apple Pie and Jason Feimster and Plagiarists. UPDATE: All the Plagiarized AlleyWatch posts were removed by 1 PM on 3/14/2018. UPDATE: As of June 27, 2018, the 3Si web site is no more.

Jason Feimster, proven Plagiarist is an “Author” at AlleyWatch… a site that seems to be the sponsor of Plagiarism.  The AlleyWatch Plagiarism story shouldn’t be news to AlleyWatch. When the folks at VC-List pointed out that Jason Feimster had submitted a story originally authored by David Hochman, AlleyWatch took it down… but continued to publish plagiarized works by Feimster… Hey, AlleyWatch Plagiarism is now your trade! AlleyWatch Plagiarism goes together like Peanut Butter and Jelly or Jason Feimster and Conman.

Today… at this very moment (you missed it, it’s gone but images provided below), if you go to the AlleyWatch Plagiarism Author Page for Plagiarist Jason Feimster, you’ll see 11 Articles. Hopefully tomorrow you’ll see zero. Link Here For the Page.

Here’s the Jason Feimster, AlleyWatch Plagiarism Hall of Shame!

  1. A Primer on Startups  is stolen from an Infographic by VISUALISTAN
    Link to Version on 3Si Blog
  2.  8 Entrepreneurial Skills You Should Teach Your Children is stolen from an article written by Zeynep Ilgaz on Killer Startups
    Link to Version on 3Si Blog
  3.  Early Stage vs Late Stage Companies is stolen from an article on  You’ll find the AlleyWatch Plagiarism Early Stage vs Late Stage Companies part of this article about halfway through the page.
    Link to Version on 3Si Blog
  4.  What is the Difference Between Smart Money and Dumb Money, is stolen from Venture Hacks by Angel List’s Babak Nivi. This is kind of an ironic article by Jason Feimster because Feimster claims to be a VC and there can be no dumber money than a fake VC who plagiarizes easily found original works.
    Link to Version on 3Si Blog
  5. 10 Core Principles of Entrepreneurship is stolen from Elearning Infographics
    Link to Version on 3Si Blog
  6. Basics of Venture Capital is stolen from an Article by Kelvin Chan that originally appeared on Biotech Likemind’s blog and is also found on Kelven’s LinkedIn Page
    Link to Version on 3Si Blog
  7. 10 Best Practices for Enterprise Innovation is stolen from is stolen from this infographicLink to Version 3Si Blog
  8. Looking for a Technical Cofounder for Your Startup is stolen from This Startup Helps Non-Technical Founders To Seduce A CTO by Hicham Amine. For some reason, I couldn’t find this on the 3Si Blog so here’s an image from the AlleyWatch version that was removed.
  9. 10 Rules That Nourish a Great Startup Idea is stolen from a Founder Institute infographicLink to Version on the 3Si Blog
  10. 10 Tips to Appeal to Angel Investors is stolen from the book, Funding Options for Startups: A Conceptual Framework and Practical Guide By K.S.V. Menon & Garima Malik
    Link to Version on the 3Si Blog
  11. 7 Steps to Impress Investors is stolen from an infographic from QuickMVPNot found on 3SI so here’s an image from AlleyWatch:
  12. There was a 12th article that was removed after it was reported to AlleyWatch by the original publisher VC-list. This article still sits on conman Feimster’s 3Si Blog post. The original of “The Do’s and Don’ts When it Comes to Approaching VCs,” by Dan Hochman can be found here.  Here’s an image of the AlleyWatch article that was removed.

Looks like Feimster got a little sneaky when he started plagiarizing infographics… the text images aren’t as easy to google for plagiarism… but it can be done if you’re motivated.

Think about this folks. Here’s a guy who has no problem lying and stealing the work of others. Make no mistake, plagiarism is theft. What else is he lying about? What other crimes is he willing to commit. Can you trust anything he writes… or says?

And what does this say about the AlleyWatch? Plagiarism at AlleyWatch Plagiarism is alive and well. I’ve been picking on tech rags, like DCInno,,, and Nibletz… how did I miss AlleyWatch? The crack journalists at AlleyWatch didn’t notice that not one of Jason Feimsters articles was written by Jason Feimster. Look, these articles use words like Myriad… Jason Feimster thinks a Myriad is a mid-sized pyramid. Feimster wouldn’t know a nourish from a nebbish.. and the idiots at AlleyWatch don’t care that they are supporting a con man. They don’t care they help legitimize a pretend VC, a pretendapreneur, a pretangel, a phony. They just care about click-bate.

UPDATE 2 PM March 15, 2018: AlleyWatch has one less author than they did at 8 AM

So in the unlikely event that AlleyWatch has any sense of embarrassment and they remove these articles and apologize to the original authors (the articles and the “author” have been removed).  Here’s an image of today’s search.

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